Why are there 88 keys on a piano?

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The exact origins of why there were a certain number of keys on a piano are unknown. What we do know from history is that the piano in the US consisted of 88 keys after 1885. The generally accepted number of piano keys is as follows:
  • 1700-1765 5 Octaves (5 x 12 = 60 keys)
  • 1765-1794 5 Octaves plus a 4th
  • 1794-1804 6 Octaves (6 x 12 = 72 keys)
  • 1804-1824 6 Octaves plus a 4th
  • 1824-1880 7 Octaves (7 x 12 = 84 keys)
  • 1880-Present 7 Octaves plus a 4th
What we do know is that the piano, with 88 keys, is capable of reproducing the entire multiple octave spectrum of instruments used in an orchestra or band. Interesting to note that the Bosendorfer 9' 6" Concert Grand has 97 keys. The extra keys are at the bottom of the keyboard, extending from low A down to a growling really low C. As far as we know, there is no piano literature written that includes any played notes beyond the lowest A on a standard 88 key piano.
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Keys on a piano?

Typically there are 88 keys on a piano, but you can get smaller ones. The notes go A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and back again with flats and sharps for each.

A picture of the piano keys that have the notes on it?

Piano Notes: . The white keys are natural . Whereas the Black keys are flat ot sharp. Here is a website with a picture of the notes on a keyboard. http://www.cinderzelda.com/musictutor/scales/major.htm

Why does a piano have 88 keys?

Not all pianos have 88 keys, although most modern pianos do. Pianos have roughly 88 keys because of the reach of the the player. Early pianos often had 85 keys. There was pressure to standardise on a number because composers wouldn't want to to write for keyboards if not all pianos could play them ( Full Answer )

Why piano keys are not in alphabetical order?

The musical alphabet starts with "A" and only goes through "G". Any piano with 88 keys (standard) begins in the Bass with "A". So, technically, they are in alphabetical order, but they start over once you pass "G".

A piano has 88 keys. Show with numbers the probability of hitting a particular key if you shut your eyes and strike one key?

\nThe actual result of this scenario would change depending on how much you simplify it. \n. \nIf you were to simply regard each key as having an equal probability of being struck, then you could say that each key has a 1/88 chance of being hit. That is, statistically speaking, if you were to hit t ( Full Answer )

Do all pianos have 88 keys?

No. Some pianos have less. There are some that are missing some of the very low notes and the very high ones. Also, some pianos are termed "mini pianos" and some only have 5.5 octaves. Also they keys vary in width, length, and shape. Plus they are a veneer and vary in thickness.

The Black Keys on a piano?

It is a convenient to choose those notes that are common to a small number of ..._

Why does a piano key not sound?

If one of your piano keys are not making any sound, call a piano technician. Usually when a piano key isn't working, then there is something wrong with the piano's action.

What Key is Do on the Piano?

"Do" can start on any key; it isn't limited to just one. Do is any note at the beginning of a scale.

What happens when a piano key is pushed?

The piano key is connected to a lever inside the piano, which transmits the pressure to a small hammer that strikes a stretched wire inside the piano, producing a note that is amplified by the wooden body of the piano.

Where is key C on the piano?

C is the white key to the immediate left of any set of two black keys together on a keyboard instrument

What are the key on the piano?

The keys on the piano are comprised of 88 keys with both black and white colors The piano is an instrument that is designed so that it may play music in various key signatures. Major and Minor key signatures can be played easily on the piano. The names of the notes are a repeating pattern with each ( Full Answer )

What key is piano in?

A piano doesn't "have a key", and just like most other insturments, it can play in many keys. To be in a key - or to have a key - is what is reffered to in a song describing what series of notes are being played. It also sometimes describes the pitch of a song. The piano is a concert pitch instrumen ( Full Answer )

What are the keys to play what you have done on the piano?

It depends on what you're playing. Example: If you are playing a tone-pattern that uses the tones G, A, B, C, D, E, F#, G, then you're playing in the key of G, since all those tones are in the G-scale.

Why do pianos have keys?

A piano keys are designed to match the human hands. A piano without keys is a harp, or a dulcimer. Harps are difficult to play, and you cannot play as many notes at a time with a dulcimer. There is a flat "fingerboard" electronic instrument called the Continuum which has no keys. It can express m ( Full Answer )

Why are the piano keys the size that they are?

they are big enough for fingers any size and have enough room so there is distinction between them so you dont make mistakes while playing - words of a universoty professor

What is the sharp and flats keys in piano?

A sharp is a half-step higher and a flat is a half-step lower. Most of the time flat and sharp notes are the black keys on the piano. Although that is true, the white keys could also be a sharp or flat key. For example, An F-flat would be the E and an E-sharp would be the F.

What is the least used key on a piano?

there isn't really a least used key on a piano, but it does depend on which key you are playing in. example: c natural is played more than b sharp, even though they are really the same note. or the least used key depending on what of music you like. example: if you like blues music you will play ( Full Answer )

What is a key in piano?

A key in piano is the black a or white object that can be pressed down to create sound. A key can also mean a certain number of notes that can be played together, creating a scale, cadence and arpeggios. When you talk about the key of a particular piece, if the piece has no sharps or flats, it in ( Full Answer )

What are the black piano keys made from?

Classically, they were made of ebony wood, but ebony is much too scarce and expensive to be used now, so today they are made of a very hard wood (typically maple or rosewood) polished very smooth, and coated with a plastic resin or black lacquer.,

How wide are black piano keys?

In the normal and standard piano model the black keys are 13.7 mm and the white ones are 23.5 mm.

Where can you sell piano keys?

You can always try selling them on Ebay or Craigslist. If they do not sell after a couple months on either of those sites, try researching music repair shops in your area. If the keys are in good shape, most shops will buy them from you at a reasonable price.

Which is the A sharp key on the piano?

On a standard piano, the first white key (lowest) on the left is an A. Every eighth white key to the right is also an A. The black key to the right of each A is an A sharp key.

At what frequency should an 88 key piano be tuned?

It should be tuned to 444Hz. Slightly higher than the perfect 440. This is what professional orchestras tune into. In fact, the whole orchestra tunes to 444Hz when a piano soloist is going to play. It does make the difference in sound!

Where is the G sharp key on the piano?

the black note between G and A. Another way of finding it out is that it is the second black note in the group of three black notes. i hope that makes sense!

Are pianos with ivory keys collectibles?

yes becuase they are old. why? becuase ivory is elephant tusks (which they kill the elephants for) and killing elephants for their tusks (also called poaching) is illeagle now.

Why a piano has so many keys?

A piano has 88 keys to create an ensemble. Without so many keys, you wouldn't be able to play scales, chords, broken chords, or five fingered patterns. The piano is the most basic instrument. To recapitulate, when you press a key, a wooden board leads to a hammer which strikes a metal bar to produce ( Full Answer )

What are flat keys in piano?

Flat keys in a piano are notes half steps lower than the shown on the bass or treble cleft, for example if it says B flat the black key between A and B is B flat.

What is the difference between a piano and an 88 key keyboard?

A piano and an 88 key keyboard are quite similar. They both have 88 keys. The main difference is size. The 88 key keyboard is small and portable. Most keyboards can sound pretty close to a piano but they can't quite achieve the true tone quality of a piano.

What is the artist 88 Keys famous for?

The artist 88 Keys (Charles Misodi Njapa) is famous for his involvement in the Hip Hop music world. He is most known for his rapping ability and his involvement with Kayne West and his fashion devotion to Ralph Lauren.