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Most commercial airliners would be so hard to exit with a parachute safely that there is little benefit in providing them. The most likely situation from which escape is feasible is if the plane lands in water. After a water landing (since it is somewhat cushioned) there is a higher potential for survivors that, without life vests, might drown before they could be rescued.

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Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?

AnswerCommercial aircraft are not well designed for skydiving. Their normal flight altitude is far too high and engine placement would suck any would-be skydiver right in. Therefore, your best chance or survival would be to assume the crash position and let the pilots land the aircraft on a large body of water. Then, you can escape using your seat cushion (full of beer farts) as a flotation device until help (or sharks) arrive. By Andre DrDre T

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