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To ask philosophical questionsBecause if humans weren't around, there would be no one to ask What is the meaning of life? Answer

There are human's on Earth because of a semantic identification of ourselves as humans and this planet as Earth. Silicon based fluorine breathers on a planet circling Sirius could ask a very similar question about themselves. The answers for both questioners would be the same: We evolved here, we are suited for the conditions here (not the other way around)

We serve no higher purpose than to exist.

AnswerBecause Earth is the only planet on our solar system where the temperature differences between hot and cold is the lowest; therefore life evolves. It was made for us!Isaiah 45 v 18 "For thus says the Lord, the one who created the heavens God himself that formed the earth and made it; he has established it he created it not in vain he formed it to be inhabited:I am the Lord and there is none else.

Apart from indicating that the earth was formed to be inhabited The Bible also tells us that humans were given the job of caring for and controlling the earth and its creatures and environment. This is part of what some call the 'dominion mandate' found in Genesis 1 v 28 (see also Psalm 8:6)

In connection with the above we note the following environment on the planet earth.

1. Water mostly in liquid form and in the right proportion for optimum climate.

2. Atmosphere of Oxygen and Nitrogen in the right proportions.

3. Renewing Cycles for both water and oxygen/nitrogen. This is interesting to say the least as both of these relate to life. Earth resources not related directly to life are non-renewable.

4. Exactly right distance from Sun.

5. Stable sun compared to others. Life would be 'fried' by massive solar flares.

6. Axis tilt to give seasons.

7. Space exploration has demonstrated how incredibly inhospitable everywhere else in our solay system really is. The first four conditions are not found anywhere else.

Is this all sheer coincidence? Or could Isaiah 45 v 18 be true?

AnswerThe Bible says that just as this generation of humans does not remember the generation before us, so we will not be remembered by the generation after us.

I think that by 'generation' it means that there was some kind of species of humans here before us that were totally wiped out. It also says that our generation of humans will be completely wiped out as well. The word generation means an entire set of humans covering tens of thousands of years.

But then again maybe I am wrong in my interpretation, it is just a guess.

From all observations, there is no reason. However many religions have tried (and some still are trying) to justify our existence with varying results.


the universe is strange. how could something possibly come from nothing? in my opinion God made the universe then scientist's theories come in to the equation... i.e. gases turning into planets and what not. on the other hand, from a religious point of view, how did God come into existence? I'm not sure i should be questioning the almighty. i suppose this sort of stuff should best be left alone, we as humans will never know fully how the universe was created or how it works.

To worship him in spirit and in truth.

AnswerWhy not?
Good question and arguably the most asked; What is the meaning and purpose of life. First: People are here to be proven whether they will choose good or evil. That is why mankind have a God given, and universal right to be free to choose; it's called free agency. Second: To obtain a body of flesh and blood; Third: to gain experience. We shouted for joy at the chance of coming here. Job 38:7 lyrically expresses this profound truth.>
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Q: Why are there humans on Earth?
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