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Why are there institutions?


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December 01, 2011 10:40PM

we wont be able to learn or do anything without institutions. institutios are important part of ourlifes. school is and example of institution-in school we have different classes in which we get together with our teacher and different kids and we learn new things and we tell what we think about stuff and we have a full conference about what we are learning about, we get to know the feelings of other , if there we noo institutions life wont be intresting staying alone and not talking to others, if we discuss we get to learn new things maybe the things that we didnt even know proberly. we shall not feel shyful when we are in groups instead we shall be brave and prove ourself that we are capable to do stuff. no one can do anyhting without anyones help we all need help and we get to help others and recieve their help, teach them and learn new things from others. thats why there are institutions. :d