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Brock Lesner was so dominating at the last KOTR that they decided that the title of KTOR was no longer relavent. So they replaced it with Bad Blood. It used to be cool, where it was actually a decent tournament during the PPV, with 2 or 3 other matches, now it would only be the final, and other regular matches. The reason they got rid of King of the Ring was to even out raw and smackdown ppv's. there are 4 joint ppv's and each brand gets 4 exclusive ppv's. if king of the ring was still around, it would be uneven to one of the brands. wwe felt king of the ring was weaker to wrestle mania, summer slam, royal rumble and Survivor series. THE 1ST ANSWER IS WRONG 'COS BAD BLOOD WERE AROUND AGES AGO AND NOW THAT BROCK LESNAR HAS GONE WHY HAVE'NT THEY ROUGH IT BACK IF HE WAS "SO DOMINANT" BROCK LESNAR WAS NOT DOMINATING. IF THAT WERE TRUE THEN Y DIDNT THEY GET RID OF KOTR WHEN MABEL WON!!!

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Q: Why are there no more King of the Ring pay-per-views?
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