Why are there no videos anywhere on the internet of Joe Piscopo as his Paulie Herman character from Saturday Night Live?

Many entertainers are willing to post their material online, while others are not. In some cases, it's the management of the artist who does not want the material posted, while in other cases, it's the network where the performer worked. There is also the possibility that an entertainer has become tired of a certain character that he or she used to perform, and no longer wants that material to be widely available.

In the case of Joe Piscopo, he probably has a "greatest hits" video for sale, plus Saturday Night Live/NBC has made a number of programs available for purchase, some of which he is in. Thus, his management may believe it would hurt sales to give away too much of his work for free. The same has occurred with other Saturday Night Live artists like Jon Lovitz: some of his work is available on line, but much of it can only be seen by buying his Greatest Hits video.