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Why are there so many carbon compounds?

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The reason why there are so many carbon compounds is because carbon is very stable.

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What explains why carbon forms so many compounds?

The fact that carbon can bond with other carbon atoms covalently is why it can form so many compounds. This ability is limitless.

Why does carbon form so many more compounds than other elements?

carbon forms so many compounds because of its property "catenation"....

Why is carbon the framework for so many compounds?

because carbon is carbon dioxide based so you will die.

Why can carbon form so many compounds?

becuase it have many bonds

Why is carbon found in so many compounds?

omg theres no answer for this

Why carbon can form many different compounds?

because carbon make take a many compounds

How many compounds does carbon makes?

Tens of millions of carbon compounds are known today.

Why are there so many organic compounds?

All compounds that have C(carbon) except CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and CO(Carbon monoxide) are organic. Considering that Carbon is a very versatile element, it can combine to quite a bit of other elements; making them organic compounds.

Which properties of carbon enable it to form so many compounds?

Carbon can form long chains of covalent bonds.

Why is there so many organic compounds?

There are more organic compounds because carbon has no preference on whether it gains or loses electrons.

What roperties enable carbon atoms to fourm polymers and so many other compounds?

Carbon atoms can form chains of many carbon atoms by sharing electrons.

What is one reason why carbon can form so many compounds?

Buy rating the corspe

Compounds that do not contain carbon and hydrogen?

Compounds that do not contain carbon and hydrogen would be NaCl, FeCl3, LiCl, and many other compounds. These compounds generally are called inorganic compounds because they lack carbon and hydrogen. Organic compounds must consist of carbon in order to be considered organic.

How many carbon atoms are in a compound?

There are over a million compounds with (all diferent) numbers of carbon atoms in it. So this question has so many answers that it actually has NO answer: NO meaning not one

What is so special about carbon compounds that they devoted a whole branch of chemistry to it?

There are so many, many, many uncountable numbers, surely more than 10 millions different specified or classified compounds.

Why is organic chemistry so important in the study of biology?

Life as we know it is made up of many organic compounds. Organic compounds are compounds that are formed by carbon atoms combining with hydrogen. Organic chemistry is the basis of all carbon life forms. All life as we now know it are composed of carbon compounds.

Why does carbon form so many different compounds?

Carbon's tetravalency and ability to bond to itself.

Why does carbon form the basis for so many different compounds?

Carbon produces so many different compounds because it forms four chemical bonds per atom, which is very high - almost all other elements form fewer bonds. Silicon can also form four bonds, but because it forms stronger bonds, the resulting compounds do not have the same flexibility as carbon based compounds. Life requires not only a complex variety of compounds, but also requires the ability to alter those compounds as needed.

What properties of carbon make it so important for living organisms?

Coal and many organic compounds are formed from carbon.Plants releases carbon dioxide.

What allows carbon to form lots of different compounds?

Carbon is able to form so many different compounds because it has four bonding electrons. Meaning that it can bond up to four other atoms per one carbon atom.

What compounds contain carbon?

Carbon containing compounds are called organic compounds.

What bonding properties of carbon allow it to form so many different compounds?

fouer valence electrons  

Why are carbon compounds classified as organic compounds?

Many "organic" compounds are created by living tissue, and living things (on Earth, at any rate) always are based on carbon.

Do Carbon compounds form rings or long chains?

Some carbon compounds do form rings and chains, but many of the simpler ones do not.

How many ionic bonds does carbon form in its compounds?

Carbon normally forms four covalent bonds in its compounds, not ionic bonds.