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While the Conspiracy Theorist fringers like to pretend otherwise, so-called "chemtrails" are simply jet contrails. In other words, particles of ice condensed from the water in the jet exhaust. If winds aloft are sufficient to tear the contrail apart, they call it a contrail. If winds aloft are not sufficient to tear it apart, causing it to linger, they call it a chemtrail. They imagine, with no proof, the contrails contain... whatever they want to be frightened of. Some go so far as to post what pollutants can be found at ground level, and pretend this has fallen out of the contrails. But it all is based on the obviously false notion that what a contrail contains determines whether it lingers, rather than whether the winds shred it up or not.

Another fun trick they use is to find a place where there is frequent air traffic, and where air traffic going north and south, passes air traffic going east and west. Obviously, in the US there will be many such intersection points. Then they take a picture of the sky there, and pretend it proves deliberate chemtrailing of an area.

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Q: Why are there so many chemtrails in the Arizona skies?
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Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory. They can't kill you.

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Why do the elite spray us with chemtrails?

The so called "elite" don't spray the public with chemtrails. That is just an outrageous conspiracy theory. These "chemtrails" have been tested to death and always came out the same. There was nothing abnormal or toxic in them. The differences between various contrails, such as duration, color, and length; are determined by the altitude of the trails, wind shear, sunlight, and humidity around the contrail.

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