Why are there so many poor people in the Philippines?


One answer to this question is lack of social mobility. In the Philippines, upper-class elites have far greater options than those in the lower classes. Another factor is religion: the dominant Catholic church encourages husbands and wives to have large families (more children than they can afford to feed and educate) and forbids the use of birth control. People in the lower classes are often mired in poverty as a result of no access to family planning.

Another factor is that in rural areas, many families lack electricity and their children attend schools where there are over-crowded classrooms, old books and no computers. Students who lack educational opportunities will not acquire the skills needed to move up in society or find a good job after graduating (assuming they graduate). And, in a country with poorly educated people, democracy will not work well: frauds and charlatans and corrupt leaders will be able to keep people from being able to improve their situation, while those who are wealthy will find ways to navigate the system and gain whatever benefits they can from it.


  1. Filipinos fail to choose the right person for a certain position in the government.
  2. Filipinos know they are being exploited, but keep their mouth shut.
  3. Laziness
  4. Fear to take risks.
  5. Corruption.
  6. Crab mentality
  7. Envy and greed