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There are no secrets. Rather members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe that "he that diligently seeketh shall find; and the mysteries of God shall be unfolded unto them..." (1 Nephi 10:19, The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ) Therefore anyone and everyone can come to know everything there is to know as a member of the Church. There are things that are sacred and will not be openly addressed, and those are the things that must be "diligently" sought after. For example, admittance into dedicated temples is limited to members with a recommend from their church leaders. To receive this recommend to enter the temple one must have demonstrated diligence in keeping the commandments of God, including having been baptized. Those interested in entering the temple can prepare by studying the scriptures (including The Bible and the Book of Mormon), praying regularly, and attending Sunday meetings.

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Do you leave your religion for a guy?

No you do not have to leave your religion after marrying a guy, you can keep your religion and he can keep his.

Can you undo being a Christian?

If any one doesn't wish to stay in a religion, they can leave it. There is no "undoing" it. Many people leave and become members of other religions or have no religion. It is a matter of free choice.

Why did many people leave the puritan colonies to begin colonies of there own?

The puritans made people practice the puritan religion only. If someone practiced a different religion then that person will be persecuted.

Why is Jainism unpopular in most parts of the world?

Any religion in history has spread mostly under following condition. 1. When people are not following any distinct religion or 2. When people are forced to follow a religion. If a community is not following any religion, than a spiritual leader who guides them initiates a religion. Eg. Muhammad , Jesus etc. If people are already following a religion, than it is difficult for them to migrate to another religion. When a new ruler captured a state, people there were usually forced to follow ruler's religion. This is how people change their religion. At the time when Jainism started, many religion were already flourished. So people were reluctant to leave their religion. Also, no ruler forced this religion upon the people. This is the region why there are few followers of Jainism.

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They may leave due to job oppritunities, better land, or religion differences.

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How do you help religon?

People are slowly starting to turn their backs on religion and with new religions like the Jedi knight religion, religion has also lost a lot of respect and meaning. No matter what religion you are part of it will eventually "die out" so don't bother. At the rate people have been leaving religion within 100 years most people will not be part of a religion. 200 years only a very small part of the world will believe in religion and in 500 years it will be in text books (or maybe some electronic device that was invented). I myself am not part of religion but for your remaining life if you do choose to stay with your religion, converting people to your religion or persuade people to not leave will help slightly but in the log run your work will be for nothing!

Should all religious people be treated equally?

yes all religion people should be treated equaly. allah said that invite them to your religion in the best possible way you can for if they dont leave with them as your brother for all men are createted equal.

Why did Jose Rizal leave the Catholic religion to become a rationalist?

He did not leave the Catholic religion. He got excommunicated, but he still kept his faith. That still makes him a Catholic.

Why did Brett Gurewitz leave Bad Religion?

In 1994, Brett decided to leave Bad Religion to fully concentrate on his label because of the rising popularity of the Offspring.

Why did people from England leave England for US in 1800s?

To no longer be bound to the divine rights of the king and freely practice their own religion.

How did the British attempt to keep industrial secrets from the US?

all inventors in Britain were not allowed to leave

What religion did god leave us with?

God gave us Christianity but He didn't leave us.

What are justin biebers secrets?

no one knows actually..... just leave to the paparazzi.... they would melt if the find out his secrets..... --melissa 10/2/11 6:47 pm

What types of people would have been pilgrims and what were their reasons for?

Pilgrims are people who leave their home to find religious freedom. Pilgrims would be people who are not allowed to openly practice their religion in their current home.

What resources did the Paleolithic people have?

They had livestock, family, religion, history and ingenuity. What they did not seem to have is the ability to leave behind metal and pottery for modern investigation.

What time does the train leave in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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What are Amish people like?

They are people who move to places so they could have their own religion. They do not use any electronics. And they basically leave in the woods. They still ride in carriages and their clothes are homemade!

Why did people leave their homelands and come to America?

The same reason people have had for moving in all ages - in search of a better life. Easier farming, more jobs, freedom of religion etc.

How many people per year leave the US in search of religious freedom?

Religious freedom is essentially the act of preventing laws that interfere with a person's free exercise of their religion. We do not prevent free exercise of religion in the United States and no people need to leave the U. S. in search of that degree of freedom. However, some individuals interprete their own religious freedom as the right to impose their particular religious beliefs on others, to denigrate, discriminate against and persecute others who do not share their beliefs. Some people in that group may leave, such as the few individuals who leave to join Islamic extremists

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