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Because a tranmission is a machine and any machine will eventually fail.

Over time, heat and friction cause wear on the transmission. Proper use and maintenance can extend the life of a transmission, but the gears will still wear over time with ordinary use. Seals can also be damaged by improper maintenance. Things that may cause unnecessary damage include driving the vehicle when the Transmission Fluid is low, using the wrong fluid or contaminated fluid, or shifting into gear at high speeds.

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Q: Why are there transmission problems?
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Cadillac Deville transmission problems?

There are several things that can cause your Cadillac Deville to have transmission problems. The most common transmission problems are worn transmission gears.

What are some common transmission problems?

Transmission problems can result in costly repair costs. The most common transmission problems are leaks and problems with the torque converter, solenoid or clutch.

What are Mazda 6 transmission problems?

What are 2006 Mazda 6 transmission problems.

What are typical transmission problems for Mazda 6i?

It has no typical transmission problems. They are very reliable.

Transmission on a 1989 Chevy blazer shifting problems?

There are several things that can cause shifting problems in your 1989 Chevrolet Blazer transmission. The most common cause of shifting problems is a lack of transmission fluid. Broken shifting forks can also cause transmission shifting problems.

Is it against the law for a dealer to sell a car with transmission problems?

Not if they say that they are selling it "as is" or if they say that it has transmission problems.

How do you know if you need transmission fluid or you are having bigger problems?

A person can tell if a transmission just needs fluid or there are bigger problems by checking the transmission fluid. If it is low, more can be added. If the transmission is still acting up after adding fluid, it could be the sign of bigger problems.

What are some common indicators of problems with your car transmission?

There are several indicators of problems with a cars transmission. Examples of these include lack of response while driving and leaking transmission fluid.

Could clogged catalytic converter cause transmission problems?

It can make the engine run so poorly that it seems like the transmission has problems.It can make the engine run so poorly that it seems like the transmission has problems.

Why your reverse do not work?

Transmission problems.

Can a powertain control module failure cause transmission problems?

yes a power train control module failure can cause transmission problems.

How do you troubleshoot a 1997 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 transmission?

You NEED a OBDII engine scanner so you can go into the transmission mode and scan the transmission to see if it has any electrical problems / computer problems.

Mazda 626 transmission slippage problems?

my car has been slipping in the transmission would it be the that the transmission is bad or is the filiter and the transmission fluid needing changed?

How do you use the word transmission in a senctence?

Wind power projects are undermined by transmission problems

Why does your car go backwards but not forwards?

You have transmission problems, see your local transmission shop.

How do you repair Mitsubishi transmission relay problems?

Depends on what year you are talking about here. Most of the transmission problems with Mitsubishi's are the end clutches and valve bodies. I would recommend if you don't know what these are to take it to a transmission shop.

What is responsible for communicating problems with transmission?


Can changing the transmission fluid in a car with 200K miles cause any problems?

Not changing the transmission fluid in a car within 200K would cause problems.

Can motor oil put in transmission cause problems for engine?

no. This will cause problems in the transmition.

Is it common to have automatic transmission problems in a 98 Maxima SE?

I had one. I had to have the transmission rebuilt. Nightmare!!

Does transmission issues cause start up problems?

no the transmission and the ignition system are two unrelated parts

Transmission problems iehigh rev when driving merc c180 auto?

Your transmission is slipping and needs to be rebuilt.

Does Acura have transmission problems?

The Acura has, on average, has no more transmission issues that any other model of car.

2000 olds bravado schematic?

transmission problems

Will to much transmission fluid cause problems?

yes it will

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