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Vaccines are used to make your body produce antibodiesand T-cells against viruses or bacteria! The Measles and Flu vaccines are viral. The Whooping Cough (Pertussis) and Tuberculosis vaccines are bacterial.

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Medicines used to kill bacteria and other microoganisms?


Do vaccines work against viruses and bacteria?

Vaccines are the virus or bacteria. They're injected into you so that your white blood cells learn how to kill that particular sickness

Are vaccines used to treat viruses or bacteria?

Vaccines don't actually treat either one. Vaccines are used to PREVENT disease. Most vaccines protect against viruses, but there are some for bacteria, as well.

What are some good uses for bacteria?

Bacteria can be used in vaccines and digestion in the human body.

How do vaccines control bacteria?

Vaccines control bacteria by inhibiting growth and reproduction. These vaccines will generate antibodies which will empower the immunity system in the body.

What are the treatments for a virus and a bacteria?

virus - antivirals, or let the immune system handle itbacteria - antibioticsin both cases vaccines can be used as a preventative. but once infected most vaccines can do little.

What are two effective uses of bacteria in the pharmaceutical world?

Bacteria are used for making antibiotics, vaccines and medically useful enzymes.

What are in pet vaccines?

minerals and syrums tht fight off bacteria and diseasis that can kill your dog or cat such as heart worms.

Where chlorine gas is used to kill bacteria?

It is often used in pools to kill both algae and bacteria that is produced.

What waves are used to kill harmful bacteria?

ultraviolet waves kill bacteria on food

What are vaccines made for?

Vaccines are made using the disease-causing virus or bacteria.

What kind of bacteria are found in a vaccine?

While vaccines are mostly viral, the bacteria causing typhoid fever is also used as a vaccine.

Determine how some viruses might be helpful.?

they can be made into vaccines against themselves. Additionally, virsuses that attack bacteria, called bacteriophages, may someday be used to treat bacteria infections. There has also be research into using viruses to kill harmful insects.

What is an antiseptic used for?

To kill bacteria.

What can chlorine be used for?

to kill bacteria

How is pencillin used?

Kill bacteria

Are vaccines only used for viruses?

I'm not an expert, but from what I can gather, vaccinations are used for both virus' and pathogenic bacteria (harmful bacteria). Vaccines contain a section/segment of the virus or bacteria (for example a flagella) to infect the body. The body then produces memory cells so that the body has an immunity against the virus or bacteria (note that this immunity may not last a lifetime).

How does formalin attenuate bacterial virulence?

Formalin is a solution of formaldehyde, which is highly toxic. A third of an ounce of formaldehyde can kill an adult human. Formalin kills the bacteria, but leaves it intact enough to be used for vaccines.

What are some beneficial uses for bacteria?


Why can't drugs that are used to kill bacteria be used to kill Viruses?

because drugs that are used to kill bacterium destroy the cell membrane of the bacteria. Viruses do not have a cell wall. Viruses enter you cells and anti biotics (which kill bacteria) have to destroy your cells to destroy the virus

What yellowish gas is used to kill bacteria in swimming pools?

Type your answer here... Chlorine gas is used to kill bacteria in the swimming pools.

Is chloride used in public water to kill bacteria?

Chlorine is a common chemical used to kill bacteria in U.S. public water systems.

What is the difference between vaccine and antibodies?

Salman Khaliq Bajwa from PAF-KIET The difference between antibodies and vaccines are; 1. Antibodies are micro organisms in our body for our defense. Vaccines are diluted living or dead antigens. 2. Antibodies are natural. Vaccines are artificial, 3. Antibodies kill the bacteria, viruses and toxic substances in our body. Vaccines does not kill but it actually activates the antibodies in our body.

What kinda of scientic deals with bacteria?

A biologist or microbiologist studies bacteria. Though the use of bacteria is wide spread. Bacteria can be used in a wide range of applications from mining, bio-remediation, to production of vaccines.

How do cleaning products kill bacteria?

Cleaning products kill bacteria by suffocating the bacteria. Also, cleaning products aren' the only thing you can use to kill bacteria. You can use honey, because when the bacteria tries to come in, it keeps it out. You can ue vinegar because the vim in it, is used to kill bacteria. Ethyl alchol can kill it.

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