Why are wetlands bad?

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They aren't

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How can fertilizer pollute a wetlands ecosystem?

Fertilizer can pollute a wetlands ecosytem because the fertilizer has toxins in it so the animals will die and there will be no more animals to make a wetlands ecosytem because toxins have bad chemicals in them.

What is being done to stop wetlands?

alot. how could you leave it alone, its bad

What are some bad things about wetlands?

You can't build on them and mosquitoes are too annoying.

How have humans affected wetlands?

well from what i know is that with all the extra carbon we emit into the air, we intoxicate the organisms and they bring these poisons back to the wetlands and affect the biome. plus we pollute with garbage these wetlands, and very bad for the biome and the food chains with in them.

What are some words to describe wetlands?

wetlands are wonderful. wetlands are wet. wetlands help prevent flooding. wetlands are home to many species. wetlands have alot of plants.

Does California have wetlands?

california has a multitude of wetlands

What are some Slogans for the wetlands?

wetlands are wonderful

Is Alabama the wetlands?

No. There aren't wetlands in Alabama.

What are some differences between wetlands and deserts?

wetlands are like swamps but deserts are dry and not as wet as wetlands

What kind of people live in 'wetlands'?


Do Flamingos live in wetlands?

Yes, they do live in wetlands

Which animals live in the wetlands?

Alligators live in wetlands.

Are there any threats to the wetlands?

yes there is threats to the wetlands

Are the Everglades wetlands?

Yes. They are considered subtropical wetlands.

Why are wetlands important in reclamation?

why are wetlands importaant in reclamation

Do people live in wetlands?

no people do not live in the wetlands.

What are examples of freshwater wetlands?

what is an example of freshwater wetlands

What is the importance of the wetlands?

Wetlands are the mother of the food chain.

Do swans live in wetlands?

do swans live in the wetlands

How many wetlands are in California?

There are many wetlands in California

What biome the Florida panther live in?


How are wetlands formed?

wetlands are formed by erosion. answer and also there are all diffrent kind of wetlands all of them form diffrent

What is the weather in the wetlands?

The weather in a wetlands is determined by geography and climate. Only larger wetlands have an effect on their environment. As water evaporates from the wetlands, it can create humidity and more frequent rain.

What will happen if we don't help the wetlands?

what will happen if the wetlands were destroyed

Do moose live in wetlands?

Yup...Moose do live in Wetlands.