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They are called woodwinds because of the reeds the reeds are made out of wood so therefore they are called woodwind instruments and brass instruments don't use use reeds so they are not woodwind instruments

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What instruments are in a woodwind quintet?

A specific woodwind quintet can contain any woodwind instruments.

What are the different woodwind instruments called?

Woodwind instruments can be put into two different categories, flutes and reeds. Examples of woodwind instruments are piccolo, flute, oboe, cor anglais, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, contrabassoon, bagpipes and recorder.

Why was the name woodwind givin to these instruments?

woodwind is the name to the woodwind instruments because they were originally made of wood. Hence the nameWOODwind

What are the bassoon and the English horn called?

double reed woodwind instruments.

Single reed woodwind instruments?

the single reed woodwind instruments: clarinet, saxophone (family)

What instruments do you blow?

Woodwind and brass instruments

Why are the instruments called the woodwind family?

because they need wind to make them play.

What are the 2 groups of woodwind instruments called?

Single reed (saxophone, clarinet) and double reed (oboe, basson)

What woodwind instruments produce slow vibrations?

Low-toned woodwind instruments, such as the basoon and bass sax.

Which 3 woodwind instruments play in the middle range?

what 3 woodwind instruments play in the middle range

What woodwind instrument has a single reed?

the single reed woodwind instruments: clarinet, saxophone (family) the single reed woodwind instruments: clarinet, saxophone (family)

What are the four main orchestral woodwind instruments are?

The four main Woodwind instruments :FlutesClarinetsSaxophonesBassoons

Woodwind instruments are usually found in an orchestra?

I assume you mean "Are woodwind instruments usually found in an orchestra?" The answer is yes, they are

Where did the name woodwind come from?

The name woodwind came from the material that most instruments in this class use a small wooden piece on the mouthpiece, called a 'reed'.

What are the most important instruments in the woodwind family?

Clarinet, flute, oboe, and piccolo are the most important instruments in the woodwind family.

Name three woodwind musical instruments?

The instruments in the woodwind family are: flute oboe, alto sax ,tenor sax.

What are the differences between woodwind instruments and Brass instruments?

sound is generated in brass instruments by 'buzzing' into a mouthpiece, whilst woodwind instruments have reeds which vibrate so you don't have to vibrate your lips

Are all woodwind instruments made of wood?

No, with the exception of the flutes, all woodwind instruments have reeds, flutes used to have reeds (similar to oboe reeds) and that is why they are still classed as woodwind.

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