Why are you a Christian and not a Muslim a Mormon a Hindu?

Being a Christian means you believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God and came down to this earth, sinless, born of a virgin, remained sinless and preached the Word throughout his short life, then was crucified on the cross for our sins so that we can become saved and go to Heaven without having to make a sacrifice for every sin.

Mormons do, in fact, consider themselves to be Christians, and share the above beliefs, although some other Christian faiths reject them as Christians. From a Mormon's point of view, then, it could be argued that there is no difference between being a Christian and a Mormon. However Mormons differ in various ways from mainstream Christianity - such as their belief in modern prophets. They believe that true Christianity was lost from the Earth after the original apostles were killed, only to be restored in its pure form through a modern prophet named Joseph Smith. They also use additional scriptures beyond the Bible - particularly the Book of Mormon, also believed by Mormons to be restored through Joseph Smith.

Muslims and Christians have some religious similarities. For example, Muslims, like Christians and Jews, came through the loins of the ancient prophet Abraham, and actually do believe Christ was a great prophet. They even believe in the Bible as far as the Qur'an agrees with it, but in general they do not base their religion on the above Christian tenets.

Hinduism, in particular, is very different in its beliefs and history.