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Answer 1: Because you are their loving heart and you are a part of their heart.

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Because I am part of the whole, without me the family would be incomplete.

I was able to step into the shoes of my father when he died at a young age. Being the eldest of four children I was able to offer help and advice to my younger siblings. I could assist my parents financially when I went to work.

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What is the important of family?

The most important family is my family :o !

Is family important to people in France?

yes family is important to french people because they love who they are important just like our family is important to us.

Why is having a family important?

It is important to have a family because it reflects how people look at you.

Is family important to the people of Bulgaria?

Yes, family is very important to Bulgarians.

Was family important to the slaves?

Family was very important to slaves. Because their family were the only people they could count on.

How important is family in China?

Family is extremely important in China.

Why is health family life important?

healthy family life important bec,family is the one who protect the society

What is most important for a girl love or family?

if the girl needs family love, then family is more important and if she is truly in love with her boyfriend, then the love is more important.

What is the importance of family in the society?

family is important.

How important is it to the family about baptism?

Very important

Why is cultural important to the family?

cultural is important to the family because it teaches who you are and where you came from and where you want to be in life.

What about Augustus Jackson's family Who were they?

his family wasent that important

Why family and friends are important?

Family and friends are important because they are there for you when help is needed, Friends play with you at school.

Why is it important to make adjustment in the family?

b'coz it is important then tahts it!! maintain a good relationship w/ your family!!

Why was family important in ancient China?

Family is important in ancient China because they rely on each other.

Why is home nursing important to the individual family community?

why is home nursing important to the individual to the family to the community

How does Ireland view family?

Family is very important in Ireland.

Is family important to Derek Jeter?

Yes he is all about family

Why your family is important?

your family is important because they tell you what wrong and whats right and if you push them away when you need afterwords they wont be there because you push them aside. your family needs you and you need your family.

In Africa why is family life so important?

Because their family is important to them. If they didn't have their family, what would they have? Most people take family for granted but these people care, and rely on each other.

What is really important?

Your family.

Why is family life important?

It is very important because our family loves us who ever we are and take a risks for us.

What are members of an important family of kings in England called?

Members of an important family of kings in England are called Tudors.

Family is less important in modern life now?

Family now is important than at any period of time.

How important is a family in one's life?

I think family should be one of the top important things in your life. My family has helped each other in many different ways. anyways i think they are VERY important :)

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