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Good future oppernunity and job fulfillment

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Q: Why are you interested in becoming a medical assistant?
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Why are you interested in becoming a library assistant?

why am i interested in working as a library assistant

Why are you interested in medical assistant position?

I am interested in the medical assistant position because I have the required skills and I have a passion to help humanity.

Why are you interested in becoming a care assistant?

I love helping people get things done

Where can I get my medical assistant license ?

Different programs offer licensing to become a medical assistant. One school in particular that I found, is Washington University. They have a medical program and do offer a medical assistant license if that is what someone is interested in taking.

Whats next's after becoming a medical assistant?

The next step after becoming a medical assistant is the path of LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse. However, the LPN path can be skipped, in order to work toward becoming an RN or registered nurse.

Is it worth becoming a medical assistant?

Yes it's very worth it.

Why would becoming a medical office assistant be a good occupation?

Becoming a medical assistant is an excellent job. If you enjoy helping others and being surrounded by other who feel the same way you will love your job. RTI

What does the medical abbreviation MA mean?

mental age or medical assistant.Medical AssistantMedical AssistantMedical Assistant

Where can I get my online medical assistant training ?

There will be many online firms providing the online course in medical assistant training. You can check their site and ask them any query you have. DO it if you are really interested.

Can I get training online to become a medical assistant?

Well, there are a lot of things you can do online nowadays, and becoming a medical assistant is one of them. A link to a site like should work.

What do you need to be a medical assistant?

There are many qualifications necessary before becoming a certified medical assistant including courses, schooling, and testing. To find out more about what is required, contact a school's registrar department near you.

What are the steps in obtaining a medical assistant certification?

If you are interested in becoming a medical assistant, you will need to go through a certification program. This is usually two to three years in length (more if you work full time). After that, or toward the end of your coursework, you will also be required to complete an internship, which is a good way to get your foot in the door of a company for your first job. In general Medical Assistant go to school for two years to get an associates degree. Some certification programs take less time.

What degrees are for a medical assistant?

What degrees are for a medical assistant?

What jobs require an employee to be certified as a medical assistant?

Medical Assistant Job in hospitals has the requirement of medical assistant certifiction. Medical assistant is providing basic services to the patients and doctors. The services of medical assistant also includes clerical and nursing services.

Where does one find certified medical assistant jobs?

You can find certified medical assistant jobs at, Forums Job Medical Assistant....

Is becoming a licensed vocational nurse a good career?

If u want to be a medical assistant or work in a nursing home, then yes

Where can one find medical assistant work?

Medical assistant work is commonly being sought after in developing regions such as southwest Virginia. A place that used to be covered in mountains is not becoming a capital for medical industry. Careerbuilder (online) may also provide some job results.

What is required to be a medical assistant?

A college degree is required to be a medical assistant.

Where can you find mycaa approved programs?

I'm not sure where there is a list of MyCAA approved programs but here's one -- medical transcription at Career Step or other professions in growing career fields at Career Step offers that are MyCAA approved. Whether you're interested in becoming a Medical Administrative Assistant or advancing in a non-medical field, it's worth a look.

where can i get a medical billing & coding licnese?

If you are interested in becoming a medical biller and coder, you may need to know which schools offer these courses online. You can get this certification by visiting

Does medical assistant can become physician assistant?

Sure, a medical assistant can become a physician's assistant if they go back to school and complete a physician's assistant program.

What could be accomplishments as a medical front office assistant?

what accomplishments can a medical assistant have

Who was the first medical assistant in the history of medical assistant?

Dr. M. Mandl

Can a Medical assistant may give an injection?

a medical assistant can give an injection?

Can a medical assistant take an ekg?

A medical assistant can perform an ekg, but not analyze it.