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Q: Why are you not leveling up on Fallout New Vegas?
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Do perks affect your leveling up in Fallout New Vegas?

no its the monster lvl that affect the lvl up and if there stronger then you you will get alot of exp.

Where is the VIP keycard on Fallout New Vegas?

To get the VIP keycard in fallout new Vegas find the H and H tool company building then up in the office on the top floor next to the terminal there is the keycard.

Can you use the flight simulators in Fallout New Vegas?

I would say no, but then again I gave up after a while.

What is the most powerful armour in Fallout New Vegas?

The enclave commander look it up on youtube to find it

How do you gain experience or level up in Fallout New Vegas?

you get experience by killing enemies and finding new locations and completing quests

How do you get the cheats console up on Fallout New Vegas?

In Fallout new Vegas in order to get the console up you have to click the ` or ~ button above tab... if you are like me, that would not have worked... what you have to do is go to "Control Panel > Device Manager > Human Interface Devices > Microsoft eHome Infrared Transciever and DISABLE or UNINSTALL THAT driver. Then after that is done. Restart new Vegas, and try clicking the ` or ~ button again. it should work.

How many gigabytes does fallout new Vegas ultimate edition take up on the xbox 360 console?

6 to 8 GB

How do you level up fast from level 1 fallout new Vegas.?

Once you do the tutorial and exit the building you go do things called quests. That or just go explore, that's the beauty of Fallout.

Can you get a casino to relike you again in Fallout New Vegas?

You can't. It's not like the NCR or the Legion. You can't do anything to up your rep with the casinos.

How do you exit the fallout new Vegas honest hearts dlc?

Once you finish the DLC's main questline, a new path between Zion and the Mojave Wasteland will open up.

Where do the Jason brights rockets go in fallout new Vegas?

They end up crashing regardless and the ghouls end up coming back to Novac after the battle of Hover dam.

Where is the key for broadcast room on black mountains door in Fallout New Vegas?

Go to the steps leading up to the locked door under the steps is the key

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