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Meile is a European brand ,perhaps, it is using the centigrade scale which means 40 is hot water, quite hot.

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Q: Why are your cotton t shirts shrinking on a 40 degree wash in my miele washing machine when they never used to?
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How do you wash cloths on a 100 degree wash when you dont have a 100 degree wash setting on your washing machine?

Wash the clothes twice at a degree of fifty.

How much energy does a washing machine use on the 40 degree economy wash compared to 30 degree normal wash?

It takes 40000 watts on a 40 degree wash and a 30 degree wash takes 30000 watts of energy.

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It does wash out after a soak or use the prewash function on a washing machine then wash on a 40 degree wash as usual. Thick semen stains may take a scrub before washing. I have never had a problem getting them free from any fabrics.

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