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Why are your fingernails orange?

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The color of your fingernails should never be orange, healthy fingernails have a slight pink hue to them. If you wear nail polish without a base coat first, overtime the polish can stain your nails, this will happen with dark colored lacquer. If only a couple of fingernails look a little orange, maybe, it could be the start of a fungus infection, although usually your nails will look white to brownish in color if this is the case.

2010-02-04 06:03:08
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Q: Why are your fingernails orange?
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What caused your fingernails to turn orange?

Betacarotene found in fruits and vegetables can cause fingernails to turn orange when taken in high quantities.

What medication causes orange fingernails?


When a person is near death what do orange fingernails mean?

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What causes fingernails to turn orange?

A fungi or bacterial infection in the bed of the nail can cause the nail to turn orange. Smoking cigarettes frequently can also cause the nails to turn orange.

What could cause skin and fingernails orange?

if you eat too much CARROTS you will turn orange also cheetos or sweet potatoes. that's happened to me before.

What could cause your fingernails to turn orange?

Certain medications/drugs & Fingernail polish remover are the basics.

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Fingernails are made of the protein keratin.

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Fingernails are made of skin.

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