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There can be many reasons why the heated seats in a car stopped working. A few reasons are, the fuse could be blow, the wiring could be out, the switch could be broken, or it is not getting enough electricity.

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Q: Why are your heated seats in your envoy not working?
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Why are Heated and cool seats not working 2003 expedition?

check fuses

Heated seats not working in Oldsmobile silhouette?

A very common cause for heated seats not working is that the heater element has burned out on either the cushion heater element or the seat back element. The way the system is wired, if one goes bad, neither will work.- techJK ----------------------------------------------------------

How do you change tire on GMC Envoy?

The jack is under the back seats of the envoy.

How many seats does a 2008 gmc envoy have?

I just test drove one today and it only have front and back seats. The envoy does not have three rows of seats. Should sit five comfortably.

Do Toyota have heated seats?

Many toyota models offer heated seats

Are there heated seats in a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country?

there are heated seats in my 2002 lxi

Running lights not working 2002 gmc envoy?

Riunning lighs not working 2002 gmc envoy

Does a 2001 Lincoln navigator have heated seats?

yes it does it actually haas heated and cooled seats!

Are there heated seats in 1999 Jeep Cherokee limited?

Heated seats were optional. The only way to be completely sure they are installed on a specific Jeep Cherokee is to look for the switch that turns heated seats on.

Does Honda Accord have heated seats?

The top of the line EX model has heated seats on newer Accords.

Does a Buick limeded 2001 have heated seats?

Yes, a 2001 Buick Limited had heated seats available.

Does the Montero come with heated seats in standard models?

The Mitsubishi Montero Endeavor was sold in the year 2000 with heated leather seats. Standard Models prior to the year 2000 did not include heated seats,

What is the difference in gmc envoy and envoy XL?

XL means extra large or extra long. It has room for a third row of seats.

How do you you know if the seats on a 1990 mark vii are heated or not is that in the manual?

Heated seats were not an option on any Mark VII's

First Cadillac with heated seats?

1966 Cadillac Fleetwood (Series 75) was the first car ever to offer heated seats.

Can you install heated seats in a car?

Check the website Heated Seat Kits. They offer kits to install your own heated seats. They also offer tips for installing them. They are manufactured in Germany.

How many seats are in a GMC Envoy?

5 in the reg length and 7 in the XL

The heated seats in my 2002 jetta don't work?

I have a 2003 Jetta, and when I took the car in for routine maintenance I was told there was a RECALL on the heated seats (as well as several other recalls on the car). At the time my heated seats worked fine, but they said there were apparently cases of it malfunctioning.

Does a 2001 Aurora have heated seats?

yes they do...all auroras have heated seats the only option that was offered was a sunroof but everything else came standered

Is there a separate fuse for the power seats and heated seats in a 2000 bravada?


Heated seats in a 2000 bravada?

What about them?

Can heated seats cause yeast infections?


How can you find solution to heated seats not working in 2004 Ford Expedition?

Copy & Paste link below I now it's not a ford but it give you an idea on how and what to do. Regarding your heated seat repairs. Repairing the heated seats on a Range Rover ... Introduction Diagnostics Official Procedure Bypassing a Failed Seat Bottom

Why doesn't my Chrysler 2001 TC heated seats won't heat?

needs heating pads replaced,common problem with heated seats,broken wires.

How do you fix heated seats on 1998 Buick park avenue?

How do you fix 1998 buick regal GS heated seat, on driverside , Right side still heats I need book on seats from the people that made the seats.