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Once you deplete the available energy reserves of a muscle it starts feeding on itself, burning protein instead of sugar. When you do that, the muscle starts to produce lactic acid as a product of converting protein to energy. The lactic acid is toxic and painful. The muscle will hurt until it is able to purge the lactic acid. Part of the process causes the muscle to enlarge and store more energy for NEXT time, resulting in larger and stronger muscles which can work for a longer time.

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Q: Why are your muscles sore after you work out?
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Will arthritis cream work for sore muscles?


Can you still work out if your muscles are sore?

No, you muscles need time to restore itself.

Why do your muscles become sore?

because you are tearing them when you work them out.

If muscles are not sore can you work them again?

No. You have to skip a day.

Are sore muscles a sign that you are gaining strength?

Sore muscles are a sign you are over doing it. You should take it easy if you are just starting out, if not let your muscles gradually work out to getting what it is you wish to reach.

Is it bad to work out sore muscles?

yes, cause it will only tear your muscle

How do you get rid of sore muscles from gym work?

Have sex! Drink milk--it helps relieve the sore muscles. You can also add some cool down stretches to your exercise program.

When your muscles are sore are you still supposed to work out?

well actually yes for it can stop hurting.

Can you exercise sore arm muscles?

Continuing to work those sore muscles is what you shouldn't do. By continuing to workout, you put too much pressure on the muscles and instead of being strengthen, you tire them and they will rip therefore you'll have to see a doctor and you can't exercise for 1-2 months. And when your muscles are sore, give them days of rest until they aren't sore anymore, eating food will determine the energy for the sore muscles, and stretch them to make the pain go away.

How do muscles get sore?

Muscles become sore from the lactic acid production being increased from strenuous output of energy on the muscles.

What exercise do you use to alleviate sore muscles?

Stretching is a good way to help sore muscles to feel better.

What causes sore muscles?

Too much use of your muscles.

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