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Zoos provide shelter and breeding sanctuaries for animals that are endangered. Because of habitat destruction, especially in tropical environments, many animals are illegally hunted, destroyed or pushed to the point of extinction. Zoos help save animals so that they do not get killed in the wild. Zoos also create a wonderful learning environment for people of all ages to see exotic animals face to face and learn about their importance in the world.

Animals do not have rights. In any case, zoos, as we will see below, exist to protect endangered species and to help us understand and protect our animal cousins more successfully. One of the reasons animals are taken into captivity in zoos is because they are under threat if they stay in their natural habitat.

Zoos nowadays are not marketed as places of entertainment - they are places of education. Most modern zoos have their main emphasis on conservation and education - the reason that so many schools take children to zoos is to teach them about nature, the environment, endangered species, and conservation. Far from encouraging bad treatment of animals, zoos provide a direct experience of other species that will increase ecological awareness.

One of the main functions of zoos is to breed endangered animals in captivity. If natural or human factors have made a species' own habitat a threatening environment then human intervention can preserve that species where it would certainly go extinct if there were no intervention. There are certainly problems with trying to conserve endangered species in this way but it is right that we should at least try to conserve them. And as long as animals are treated well in zoos there is no reason why conservation, education, and cruelty-free entertainment should not all be combined in a zoo. There is also, of course, a valid role for breeding in different environments such as large nature.
Zoos have research programs that help expand our knowledge about animals, especially the endangered species. The information gained by these programs can help protect, and treat the species in the wild, as well as determine what affects if any climate change may have on the regions needed for the species to flourish. Many zoos also have breeding programs for all kinds of species, endangered or not, and learn even more about the species during the breeding, and rearing process. All this knowledge and information is shared with visitors, organizations, and other programs alike.
Zoos are very good for the animals and give the whole species a last chance. Conservation is one of the things that zoos do to help the animal species survive. This brings me to the five main reasons why we have zoos. They are conservation, reproduction, education, research and recreation. Conservation is breeding, rescuing, finding homes for, and preserving threatened or endangered species.
Zoos help protect animals from predators. Animals kept in zoos would have once been in the wild where Survivial of the Fittest takes the lead.
Most zoos have large, life-like enclosures. Many zoos do not lock animals up in cages, which are mostly called safaris, and they really do help the animals. The animals live in a natural place and it is a lot like the wild, because they are free. A lot of them have large areas that animals can play in and a lot is done to ensure the animals are happy. The animals' enclosures are made to be similar to the animals' natural habitats and care is taken to ensure natural wildlife is within most enclosures. In zoos that strive to do this, it is okay to not have animals in their natural environment.
I personally think zoos are very important.
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What is a zoo?

A Zoo:A zoo is a park or institution where a collection of animalslive and are viewed by the public.

Why is a zoo called a zoo?

zoo is short for zoological garden, zoological comes from the greek word zoion which means animal

Which was the first zoo?

In 1500 B.C., Queen Hatshepsut, in Eygpt collected animals from many different parts of Africa and finally estabilished the first real Zoo. Then a Chinese Emperor Wang, built a very large zoo in 1100 B.C., and named it "The Garden of Intelligence". This Zoo is the oldest Zoo still in existence toda ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of zoos?

We need zoos for different types of creatures to look at and to study them, zoos are also used for humans entertain ment (as some people say) Zoos are normal on the out skirts of places too, and zoos and safari parks are different too, because safari parks are for wild animals and zoos are for hand ( Full Answer )

How do you work at a zoo?

i am 13 years old growing on 14 i want to work at a zoo really bad and i really love animals any thing you put me on i would do please please please

What kind of animal is a zoo zoo?

there are elephants,monkeys,pandas(in some zoos) reptiles,such as snakes and lizards,tigers,lions,girafffes,and all sorts of things if you need more animals just go to a zoo.

Is Buin Zoo a zoo in Chile?

This zoo is located near Santiago de Chile in a place called Buin. I think it's one of the largest zoo's in Chile.

Why are zoos necessary?

Zoos not only inform the public about animals and create an awareness/desire to keep these animals and conserve their habitats, but they also work to maintain biodiversity through breeding programs. Some also work on nurturing and raising animals, then releasing them back into their natural habitat ( Full Answer )

Where is the London Zoo?

The London Zoo address is below: Outer Circle Regents Park London NW1 4RY Nearest Tube: Camden Town You can purchase tickets for approx $34 at the site below. ZSL (Zoological Society of London) has two main sites - Regents Park in London and Whipsnade in Bedfordshire.

What is the importance of a zoo?

Zoos are important for several reasons. They contribute to conservation, science and verterinary research. They provide an educational, rewarding experience for visitors. They also provide shelters for animals. To find out more on how why zoo's matter, I've attached a link to an article. To find out ( Full Answer )

What is zoos for?

Honestly I really couldn't tell you but, I have two theorys. Number one, some people want us to understand the animal kingdom and realize that animals are amazing exotic creatures that we need to love and appreciate. Number two, I also feel that animals should be left in there territory and just be ( Full Answer )

Are zoo animals happy in the zoo?

It is very well documented that animals taken out of the wild and put in zoos, display signs of depression. In fact, the man that trained flipper the dolfin, claims that flipper killed himself by going underwater and never coming back up for air. However, animals that are born in zoos are very conte ( Full Answer )

How do you download animals from Zoo Tycoon Unleashed and import them to Zoo Tycoon 2 with Google Chrome?

To download animals from zoo tycoon 2 unleashed, you have to register. When you hit the download file button, click on save. then save it right where it puts it, and then you open the folder after its saved, click extract all files, and then hit next, then hit browse. go to my computer, then local d ( Full Answer )

How many zoo keepers are in a zoo?

The number of zoo keepers in a zoo depends on how many animals there are and how much care the animals need. Often the zoo staff is supplemented by a volunteer staff.

Animals in zoos are in?

Zoo animals are in almost every state. In GA there's the Atlanta Zoo, and Stone mountain zoo.

Why is the San Diego Zoo so important?

The San Diego Zoo is important because it takes care of and protects animals. Many of the animals are endangered species. Hope this helps ;)

Are zoo animals frustrated to be in a zoo?

Most don't really mind but some get frustrated. Additional Info: Most modern zoos are making great strides, or making an effort to meet the needs of their animals by supplying them with "enrichment foods and toys" to help give them mental and physical stimulation. The goal is to give them interest ( Full Answer )

How do you get a moshling zoo?

Moshling Zoos are only available to paid Moshi Members. You should have a Moshling Zoo as soon as you start playing on Moshi Monsters as a paid member.

Is there a zoo in Japan?

Yes, there are a lot of zoos in Japan. It is a popular place for people to visit.

How do they get there zoo animals to the zoo?

well, I'm no zoo vet but my mother is famous for working at zoos. they get their animals by shipping them in huge crates on trucks. then they put them in corentein for a couple of months so that if it has disuses it will have time to get rid of them before the animal goes on to exhibit..

What is zoo kingdom?

zoo kingdom is a facebook game. you need to hav a facebook in order to axcess it hope that helped!

Does Wyoming have a zoo?

Nah, but go to Yellowstone and see the animals in the wild. Way better anyway!

Is zoo a conjunction?

No, it is not a conjunction. Zoo is a noun, and may be used as anadjunct or adjective (e.g. zoo keeper).

What is important about the zoo?

No matter how closely it simulates life in the wild, the zoo is never the same to the animal trapped in it; the hunt for food is one factor lacking in a zoo.

Are zoos important for education?

In my opinion I think that zoos are necessary for education purposes! The zoos are very good for education in elementary schools. What better way to educate young children about animals & nature than taking them to the zoo. Especially when they are exotic animals, like lions, tigers, hayina, elephan ( Full Answer )

What zoos have pandas in them?

depends on the zoo you go to Giant pandas are currently kept in many Chinese zoos. Other than that Europe Madrid and Vienna Australia Adelaide USA Atlanta, Memphis, San Diego, Washington Asia (excluding China) Ocean Park Hong Kong

How do zoos get wild animals into the zoo?

Very few zoos actually take animals from the wild these days. The majority of zoos will either trade, lend, or give a captively bred (meaning their parents were bred and gave birth to them in a zoo) animal to another zoo.

Why are animals at zoos?

Sadly animals are put in zoos to ¨conserve¨the specie but sadly in zoos they do not have enough space and sometimes are misstreated. If you would like more info check peta.org

What is a zoo curator?

1. head of museum or other collection: the administrative head of a museum, gallery, or other collection 2. somebody who organizes and chooses the items in an exhibition at a museum or gallery

Do Jew's have zoos?

Some zoos are perhaps owned and operated by Jewish people, but Jews wouldn't have more or fewer zoos than other groups of people. Some zoos may be owned and operated by Christians, Muslims, Hindus etc., as well.

What is French for zoo?

i checked on a English to French translator and it turns out that it is exactly the same, zoo!

Why zoos important to society?

Because society can understand characteristics of animals that you don't find easily in the daily life also is entertaining to see rare animals in action

How do you get zoo bucks on Tiny Zoo?

To obtain zoo bucks on Tiny Zoo, you can do the following . Leveling up. Everytime you level up, you get one zoo buck. . Completing Collections. You will get rewarded 1-50 zoo bucks for each collection you complete. . Completing Missions. If you complete certain missions, you will be reward ( Full Answer )

How do you import sea otters in Europe for a zoo?

well studing for being a vet i know you have to keep the animal or aka that sea otter damp ,fed and you have to keep then contained so they wont move alot but just a little bit .. your welcome ,hope i helped you

Is it a zoo or an zoo?

It would be a zoo. If you are writing (or saying) a word that begins with a Vowel, (A,E,I,O,U and sometimes Y) than you would put an AN at the beginning of the word. If the word began with a Consonant, (b,c,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,w,x,y,z) you would use an A.

Can you have a zoo?

Yes, however, you must comply with all laws and regulations. It would take special zoning and a great deal money to own and run a zoo. Permits are required for certain animals, particularly if they are dangerous.

Why Cincinnati zoo is important for Cincinnati?

Since 1875, Cincinnati ZOO Has Animals To Take Car Of The Earth, Including Gorillas Elephants Tigers Lions Crocodiles Giraffes Hippos Penguins Zebras Rhinos Birds Peacocks Leperds Polar Bears Sea Lions & Turtles, & From March-December, The Rides & The Attractions Opens, Including A Train, A Carousel ( Full Answer )

Why is the zoo important?

to let people know more about animals. Zoos also help to reproduce animals that are being endangered (nearly extinct).

Why do you have to have zoos?

So that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy looking at animals that they don't see everyday and do rescue and preserve these animals from the wild and save them from extinction

Which zoos have displays of zoo lights?

The zoos have that have zoo lights are Baltimore, Brookfield, Calgary, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, Gulf Breeze, Hoogle, Lincoln Park, Memphis, National, Oakland, Oregon, Phoenix, Pt Defiance, Reid Park, Stone, St Louis, Woodland and Toledo.

When do you use zoos or zoo's or zoos'?

Both are correct in the right context: . Zoo's is the possessive form of the singular nounzoo. Example: The zoo's head keeper has resigned Zoos is the plural form of zoo. eg We have three zoos in our city. Zoos' is the possessive form of the plural noun zoos Example: All of the zoos' keepe ( Full Answer )

Why we have zoos?

because you can see animals that you can"t see in the wildlife alsoyou can,t see them in front of you