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Because you dont have blood vessles in your bones, and you dont bleed out unless your blood vessles are punctured... retard!!

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What types of joints are the carpal bones?

They arent

What group are the finger bones in?

short bones, probably. They aren't long bones. They arent irregular or flat either.

How are bones protected?

They are protected by your skin and muscles covered over them. If you had no skin and no muscles, you would be a heap of blood and you would have no bones. You would die instantly but it is not possible

What are the ends of bones in a joint covered with?

It is covered in cartilage

Do bones have blood supply?

yes, bones have blood supply

Why bones need blood and blood needs bones?

the blood needs someplace to flow in and without blood, thr bones would not function properly

Do bones have a blood supply?

Yes. All bones have a blood supply.

What are the ends of bones covered with?


Do bones have blood inside of them?

No, bones don't have blood in them. Bones have something called bone marrow. The marrow makes red blood cells.

What kind of bones make blood?

Bones make blood, but only red blood cells and white blood cells.

Do synovial joints have bones covered in hyaline cartilage?

the ends of the bones are, yes

Do humans have bones in their butt?

yes,but the bones are covered by fat so you can sit

Are frogs blood nucleated?

obviously they are or they arent its your choice!

Can you marry your cousin if they arent blood?

If they're not blood, then they're not a cousin. So, yes.

What is the special tissue that bones are covered in?


Why are large bones important to produce blood cells?

bones are the producers of blood and the bigger the cell the more blood

Is blood inside your bones?

In a sense yes. There are blood vessels in the marrow inside of your bones.

What bones make blood cells?

Bone marrow. Bone marrow is where blood cells are created. Only long bones (with the "hole" in the center) have bone marrow in them. So leg bones and arm bones make blood cells, but rib bones or skull bones do not. So those short, solid, irregular-shaped bones do not create blood cells.

Do bones produce blood cells?

All the blood cells are produced in the bone marrow But not all bones do that. Bones that do make blood cells include bigger longer bones, like the humerus and femur.

Are muscles more important than bones?

no they arent althought they make us move if we didnt have bones we would be a pile of skin on the floor

Bones are covered with a special tissue called?

Periosteum covers bones. It is a fine tissue.

What bones in the human body make blood cells?

The marrow in bones make blood cells.

How do bones makes the body moves?

the skin is covered over our bones .so bones are the support for skin .if the bones were not present our body would have no movement

Blood shod definition?

covered in blood

What is soft part of the body who covered the bones?

I believe it is the skin that protects and covers the bones of your body.