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Authorities want to control a crowd not annihilate it. Hence the reason they wear riot gear use tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets, canines and other designated non-lethal methods That equipment is reserved for the control of peaceful demonstrations in Communist China.

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Q: Why aren't bulldozers or cranes used for riot control?
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A bunch of people not in control is a riot.

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Which occupation has workers in departments such as traffic riot control?


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How do you become a riot police officer?

You first must become a Police Officer , then you can apply for Riot Control or S.W.A.T. Training if you wanted to

What is the connection between Ben Corson and Roger Stoughton and riot control?

Ben Corson and Roger Stoughton are the founders of cs gas. Otherwise known as tear gas which is commonly used in riot control.

Would Muslims riot if a palestinian built a house out of korans and it was bulldozed to build settlements?

It seems to me (a non-Muslim) that there would be riots over someone using the koran to build houses. They wouldn't wait for the bulldozers.

What are the three riot control weapon positions?

Safe port, safeguard, and on guard.

Which occupation has workers in department such as traffic and riot control?

Ummm. . . . Law Enforcement?

What happens if you start a riot in middle school?

It depends on the riot. If you get the whole school on your side, then you will have a LOT of power. You want to be careful with that power and control it as much as possible.

Which ammunition color code represents ammunition designed for riot control?

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