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The job of the police is to make sure the laws of the state and country are obeyed. They are more concerned with day to day laws like speeding cars and drunk-driving. There may be local laws against littering which police may follow up.

Laws to do with the environment largely deal with things like

* Light bulbs sold after 2008 are to be the low energy florescent bulbs * Cars sold after 2010 have to emit 20% fewer emissions than those sold before. Typically public officials track down and charge people breaking those laws.

As for police throwing garbage out of police car windows, they are just human beings like the rest of us. We all have to learn how to do our own personal bit to help the environment, and police are no exception Why isn't the military more concerned with distributing food stamps?

Why isn't the fire department more concerned with catching speeders?

Why isn't the sanitation department more concerned with putting out fires?

Why isn't the DMV more concerned with preventing domestic violence?

BECAUSE IT'S NOT THEIR JOB! Just like it's not the police department's job to protect the environment!

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