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b/c people of the wwe believed they were to brutal and too boring. although the hardcore match may be coming back soon as fans would love to see it. They are still in wwe but under the names of no-DQ match,No Holds Barred match & Street Fight match there are hardcore matches. hardcore matches and street fights are classified as different matches for some reason even though they have the same rules. yes but why dont they ever go outside or backstage anymore Answer Well The Main Reason is because WWE is now PG which means its a kid-friendly program, and that is y u see no more blood or any extreme matches!

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What do you think of WWE nxt?

nxt? ecw has better matches and cool wrestlers i mean there are no more ecw extreme match and some of the pros arent even good or arent popular

What matches are on the wwf hard core DVD?

Cactus Jack VS HHHHardcore Holly VS Al SnowAl Snow VS Big BossmanMick Foley VS Terry FunkAnd many more classic Hardcore matches.

Why does tna have more hard core matches then WWE?

TNA is a comparatively smaller/newer professional wrestling promotion than the WWE. They need to attract more audience in order to grow to be a competitor for WWE. Hence they have more hardcore action to attract bigger crowds.

Can go to the hard core party?

Is this a clever reference to something? If not, it raises even more questions...

How many test matches has India won so far?

India has won more than 100 matches,more matches lost than more matches won, but still it is the no.1 test side!!!!!

What is more dense inner-core or outer-core?

The inner core is more dense than the outer core.

What are ranked matches in Halo 3?

You get more experience from ranked matches

Why non athletes have high pulse?

Because non athletes arent in as good shape as a regular athlete, so they need more oxygen when hard at play.

Is WWE hard core wrestling?

nope, the way i see it WWF was more hardcore it's gone PG :(

Is smackdown vs raw 2010 going to have more matches then 09?

yes and more championships and wrestlers way more matches

What is the difference between safety matches and friction matches?

friction matches can catch on fire like rapid fire and safety matches are more safe and secure

Are wrestling matches 3 minutes?

Most of the matches are more than 3 minutes.

Does the inter core have more pressure then the outer core?

Yes, Inter core has more pressure than outer core and that's why outer core is solid, because there is not enough pressure in outer core.

Who invented magnetic core memories for the computer?

no idea, but its called a hard drive. Core memory has nothing whatsoever to do with hard drives. Core memory is more analogous to RAM, but was made of small metal or ceramic rings through which wires were threaded. Applying voltages to the wires changed the magnetic polarity of the rings, allowing them to represent "on" and "off" states. See the Related Link for much more information.

What does it mean when a guy tells you you're a hard core?

it means something good it means more than good it means you a star

Is the inner core more easily deformed than the outer core?

The inner core is a solid whereas the outer core is a liquid so the outer core will be more easy to deform than the inner core.

How do you get event matches?

Finishing the event matches that are already there may unlock more but there's more that you unlock only after unlocking all the characters.

Which has won more football matches Manchester United or Manchester City?

Manchester United have defifinately won more matches then Manchester City.

Is metal-core or Death-core more popular?

Metal-core is more popular because is easier to listen.

Can you replace an Intel Pentium 4 with an Intel Pentium Dual-Core?

I'm not 100 percent sure but more than likely no. The only way to tell is if the pin set on the dual core matches that of the Pentium 4 and it probably doesn't. also a motherboard that was designed for a Pentium 4 would probably be unable to handle a dual core processor since the performance of the dual core is so much higher. I mean if you have a dual core chip and a motherboard you can potentially waste, do it. But I wouldn't buy one an try it.

Who lose most cricket matches pak or ind?

India lost more matches as compare to Pakistan.

What is the reward for beating Fallout New Vegas on hard core mode?

The 'reward' for beating it on Hardcore mode is an achievement/trophy, nothing more.

Is it outer core or inner core?

Both really the inner core is more hotter than the outer core

What is the difference between a 44 core to a 47 core softball?

The core rating on a softball refers to the bounce. For example, hold a core .44 in one hand a .47 in the other and drop-em. The core .47 will bounce higher. The major difference in the balls is the compression rating. The higher the compression, the harder the ball. Hard ball = more distance. Standard fastpitch is core .47, compression 375.

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