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Why baseball is so popular?

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Baseball is so popular because it is considered one of America's past-time, also while in ww2 some of the baseball teams had women play baseball while all the men were over-seas fighting

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Why is baseball so popular in Mexico?

baseball is not popular in Mexico soccer is.

Why was baseball so popular in the 1930s?

because it was!

Why is baseball so popular?

Because it is an international sport.

Skateboarding vs baseball which is popular?

Baseball is more popular.

Is baseball popular in the us?

Baseball is very popular in the USA

Why is baseball so popular in America?

because it is like an original game here.

How did sports become so popular in the 1920's?

baseball and soccer.

Was baseball popular in the south?

yes baseball was very popular in the south

Why is baseball not popular?

Baseball is very popular. Next to football it is the most popular sport in the united states.

Where is baseball popular at?

Baseball is popular all over the world. Especially the US

Is soccer more popular then baseball?

Even coming from a baseball addict, I have to admit that soccer is more popular then baseball :(

Why is football so incredibly popular?

id say because its taken so seriously all over the world ulike basketball and baseball there only really incredibly popular in the states.

Why is football and baseball so popular in Iowa?

because that's what Iowa people like to play

Which sport is more popular softball or baseball?

Well it depends. Softball is more popular with girls, but baseball is more popular with boys. In major leagues, baseball is more popular. Baseball is "Americas" sport. Plus it's more talked about with sport fans.

Is baseball popular sport now?

Baseball has been a popular sport long before the civil war, and it is still very popular today.

Is baseball popular?

Baseball is popular mostly in the US and Japan. It is not a very popular sport around the world even though it is an Olympic sport. Another country that play baseball is Korea.

How popular is baseball?

Baseball is very popular. It is most popular in the United States. It is a game loved by Americans (and most other people) of all ages.

What were the popular sports in the 1920s?

the most popular sport was baseball

In what Mexican country is baseball popular?

This question does not make sense. Baseball is popular in Mexico, which is a country unto itself.

What makes Minecraft so popular?

It's so popular that it's popular

Which is bigger softball or baseball and why?

Are you asking if which sport is more popular, or which object is larger, a baseball or a softball? A softball is a larger ball then a baseball, but baseball is tremendously more popular than softball.

Is baseball one of the least popular sports?

No. There are 30 pro teams, and baseball is known as "America's Pastime". it is very popular.

What is the popular sport in Japan?

Baseball is a very popular sport in Japan

What are the sports popular in japan?

Sumo and American baseball is really popular.

Is soccer the popular sport in china or is basketball?

Baseball is more popular