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bcoz internally it uses circuits, it can understand ON / OFF (1 or 0) for a open or closed circuit

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Where is the binary system typically used?

on the computer

Why is the binary number system used?

binary number system used in computers because computer can understand only binary language as it starts from 0and 1. which makes computer easier.

What is the name of the counting system that uses just ones and zeroes?

That is called binary. It is used a lot in computer science.That is called binary. It is used a lot in computer science.That is called binary. It is used a lot in computer science.That is called binary. It is used a lot in computer science.

What coding method is used by the computer to convert text into Binary?

the binary numeral system

What is importance of binary system?

It is used to do all the computer coding!

What math is used for a computer?

it uses a binary system of only 0&1

Where is the binary system used?


What are number system in computer?

the 2 number systems used in computers are hexadecimal and binary

The binary system used by a digital computer consists of?

it consists of two numbers : 0 and 1

What is the basic numbering system that a computer uses to represent How is it used?

The binary digits. 10 = 2

What is the number system that the computer uses?


What data in computer system?

binary data

Why is a binary code suitable for use in the computer?

the computer is a electromechanical device.Basically it is an electronic device.So it understands only on and off.This on and off we represent as 1's and 0's,which are used in binary system. So it is very much necessary to code the computer in binary.

What isuse of 0 and 1 in computer?

The numbers 0 and 1 are used in the binary code chain. Binary code is any system of representing text or computer processor instructions by the use of the binary number system's two-binary digits "0" and "1".

Importance of binary system in computer technology?

Computers do most of their calculations in binary, internally. The binary system consists of 1's and 0's only, which are used in computer technology to signify "on" or"off", the only possible states for each of the millions of transistors operating the machine.

How the computer can understand binary language?

The computer understands binary because the 1 means on and the 0 means off, so that controls how it operates. Binary language is then converted to our number system where the numbers represent things. ASCII code is used to convert binary to text.

What are the only two binary digits of a binary system which a computer can read?

0 and 1.

What is a binary data system?

the binary number system is used to communicate in computers

What are the numbers for the binary system?

0s and 1s are used in the binary number system

Who discovered a binary system of a computer?

A.D. Leibnir

What computer system that can have a value of 1 or 0?


Why binary system is useful in computer system?

Its the language computers use to do everything, everything is in binary and converted using the ASCII

First computer to use binary number system?

The first computer to use the binary number system was probably the Z1, started by Konrad Zuse in 1936. It was a mechanical computer, not fully programmable, but is still considered a computer.

What base system does a computer use?

Computers are based on a binary number system.

What is computer language and what are its uses?

it uses the binary code system and can be used to make programs or instructions for computers to follow

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