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Why birds can fly?

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Because they have wings and don't have solid bones.

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What is the difference between birds that fly and birds that don't fly?

What do you mean whats the difference.... birds that can fly, FLY and birds that can't fly, CAN'T. birds that fly is positive birds that can't fly is negative.

Do all birds fly?

no all birds do not fly

Why only birds fly?

It is not only birds that fly. Bats fly and they are not birds.

What are birds that can not fly?

its penguins they are birds they have wings but they do not fly :)

Why can birds not fly?

Birds can fly. Problem in the question?

True or flase birds use wings and feathers to fly so all birds can fly?

To say that birds use wings and feathers to fly, so all birds can fly, would be false. Not all birds can fly. An ostrich is an example of a bird that cannot fly.

Yes birds can fly?

Most birds can fly. Not all.

What is the negation of All birds can fly?

Not all birds can fly.

Why cant birds fly?

Not sure what you mean by that, but birds do fly.

Do umbrella birds fly?

yes umbrella birds do fly

Can all birds with wings fly?

not all birds can fly

Which has easier living the birds that can fly or the birds that can not?

The birds that can fly because it is easier for them to find food.

Are humming birds the only birds that can fly backwards?

yes they are the only birds that can fly backwards.

Do carnail the birds fly?

all birds fly xept penguins

Which birds can fly?

All birds that are light and have feathers and have a purpose to fly

When birds fly south?

In Winter, for food birds fly south.

What are the names of birds that fly?

The link below has a full list of birds that fly.

Can birds fly?

ALL birds can fly except for penguins,ostriches and emu's :)

Can some birds fly south?

yes most birds fly south

What are the only birds that can not fly?

There are many birds that can't fly. Example: penguins.

When was Birds Fly South created?

Birds Fly South was created in 2001.

When was When the Birds Fly South created?

When the Birds Fly South was created in 1945.

Which birds dont fly?

There are a few birds that can not fly. Penguins are one, ostrich, and most chickens can not fly either.

How do birds fly all the way to south?

Birds do not fly all the way to the southern hemisphere, they fly to the equator.

Do birds fly at night?

Generally birds do not fly at night. However certain species do - owls, ducks and gulls. Migrating birds sometimes have to fly at night.