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You can't date someone you haven't met yet. So the key is meeting a lot of people. Get out and join things where you will meet new people---clubs, hobbies, take evening classes in something you are interested in. Archery, cooking, Martial Arts, woodworking, etc. Or volunteer for a political or social cause you support---dog-walking at a local animal shelter, for example. At the very least you will be doing something you enjoy. At best, you will meet new people with similar interests and some of them might be relationship material. But if the pickings are slim in your current social circle, you have to expand it. Flirt and joke around too.

answer: you don't GET a boyfriend. you just have to wait for things to happen. like if you want a guy, but what if he doesn't like you? you can't force him to like you. but if he's willing to take chances with you then things may work out. just wait.. patience can help a lot. as time goes by the one who's destined to you will come. don't be in a hurry girl! ;) you have to be ur best at...flirting but you dont get 1 u have to c if he likes u first hey best bud this goes for t.g

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Boys are jerks because that is how they react when they are upset.It's not like THEY want to breakup ether.

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