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Why breast are coming out for women?


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Breasts are for feeding the babies. They contain glands that produce milk when you are pregnant.

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i am not pregnant so why milk coming from my breast

In women it is for breast feeding their children.

Breast reduction is not recommended for women whose breasts are not fully developed or who plan to breast feed

Women can describe their breast as big, small, sexy, heavy...

Yes, women with breast implants can have erect nipples.

The way that breast cancer affect men and women is that, for instance if a man or woman falls and get their breast hit really hard, it increases his or her chance of getting breast cancer.If he or she gets breast cancer in the breast will grow a tumor that will cause him or her to have a lump on their breast.But the reason why men and women get breast cance still remains a secret for those those men and women who have breast cancer.

85 % of women get breast cancer each year

anybody can get breast cancer but mainly women get it.

Mastectomy surgery is defined as the surgical removal of breast and breast tissue. It can be performed on high risk women who want to possibly prevent breast cancer or women who have breast cancer.

A reason women would get breast implants is to make her breast look bigger so guys would be more attracted to her. Also women would get breast implants to feel more confident about themselves.

women.. less than 1% of people that get breast cancer are men.

Many women choose to have breast reconstruction performed in conjunction with the mastectomy.

Women do have breast augmentation surgery to enhance their beauty and boost their image if they are models.

Women who breastfeed have a lower risk of breast cancer.

Yes there are clinical trials for breast augmentation. Generally they use volunteers with special needs, such as women who have had breast cancer surgery or a severe injury to the breast, women with a birth defect affecting the breast or a medical condition causing breast abnormality and sometimes women with an existing implant that needs to be replaced.

Some women think that big breast are considered sexy and so they would like to though of as sexy women.

yes! everyone can get breast cancer!

Breast cancer affects both men and women but women get this kind of cancer more often.

women with cancer in more than one part of the breast; women who have had previous breast surgery, including plastic surgery; women with breast cancer in advanced stages; and women who have had radiation therapy.

Some women consider big breast to be sexy or they think that other people think that way and they want to be perceived as sexy. Some women enlarge their breast but in many cases too big breast could cause back pain.

Approximately one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in her life. The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age: women aged 30 to 40 have a one in 252 chance of developing breast cancer;

Breast augmentation is not recommended for women who would like to breast feed in the future. It has been found that women who have had breast augmentation are three time more likely to have difficulties with lactation as compared with women who have not had augmentation.

Everyone has breast, men and women. A lot of other animals have them as well.

because they hold milk when you are pregnent so women can breast feed

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