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you cant because a square, rectangle, and a any other shape with parallel lines is a parallelogram.


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Is a square a perimeter?

a square has a perimeter but a square isnt a perimeter. so no a square isnt a perimeter

Is 6 continious checks a draw in chess?

If it is the same position then it would be 3-fold repition which is a draw but otherwise no it isnt.

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well why cant it be smaller the question in which you have inquired is far to open.Also if ur like a kid doing this for school you should totally put why isnt it smaller and attempt to draw a troll face just saying XD

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This Is stupid that u cant get a simple answer

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Because congress cant override a veto when it isnt in session

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it is not a nutrient because you body cant break bit down on its own(:

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no it cant, ad syndronutt isnt even a real thing!

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