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Presumably because the other driver's insurance doesn't cover that expense. Check into your own insurance policy to see if maybe your own insurance does.

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Who is responsible if your car was hit by rental car and driver had no insurance?

The Rental Car Company is responsible if they allowed an uninsured driver to rent and drive their vehicle. You will need to file a claim against both the driver and the rental car company.

Can a car rental company be sued if they have an at fault driver who causes injuries to the other driverin Florida?

yes if the driver was working for the car rental company and caused the accident but if it was a difrent driver who was just renting the car you can only sue the driver of that car.

Who pays when the person hits a car and that car hits another car and that car hits another car but the first car is totaled?

It is the fault of driver who was initially at fault. In this case it would be the driver of the first car, because it was because of him that the second car hit the third. if the car is totaled, that's the driver's problem

How am I liable in an accident in a rental car of not being listed as second driver on rental car contract?

If you are in an accident in a rental car and you are not listed as the driver, you will be held personally responsible for all costs incurred for both parties. This would apply whether you are at fault or not!

Where could one hire a car or driver in New Zealand?

You can hire a car from rental services like Apex Rentals, Budget, Europcar or Rental Car in New Zealand; you can hire a driver from Hire A Driver or Drivers for Hire in New Zealand.

Can a car rental company in Florida be suedIf the driver of their car caused an injury accident?

no unless the car the driver was driving was unsafe and the problem of the accident but only the driver can sue in that case.

If you are a victim of hit-and-run accident caused by a rental car driver can you claim the damages from this rental car company directly?

You can only claim against the rental company if the driver took out their insurance. If he has his own separate insurance, that is where you need to make the claim.

What happens if you get a speeding ticket in a rental car?

Same as any other car. The ticket is issed to the DRIVER - not the CAR.

Who gets the front cup holder in a car?

The owner of the car. the person that payd the rental or the driver in that order.

Will you owe taxes on a totaled car?

Not if you notify you local PVA that the car is totaled and not longer in service. You will pay taxes up to the day it was totaled.

Are the age requirements for a luxury car rental?

Yes, unless you are hiring a driver you will need to be 23 to rent a car.

Can you hire a luxury car driver from hertz?

"No, Hertz is a rental car company that offers many car options, even luxury cars to rent, but does not offer limo driver services."

Can someone else drive a rental car?

As long as this person is listed in the rental contract as driver, yes. However, if you allow someone else drive the car without been listed as driver nad this person gets in an accident, the rental insurance will deny the claim and you will be responsible for all damages.

If a new car was purchased and driven for two months and then hit by a vehicle who was at fault what should a fair settlement be if the car is not totaled?

The amount of the repair bill. You might also get a rental car if you have that coverage on your own insurance.

Arizona minimum age to rent a car?

The minimum age for car rental in Arizona is 19 (with a young driver surcharge).

Why cant you get your aftermarket radio out of your car at the tow truck company yard if your car is totaled?

Once you sign that paperwork, you agree to relinquish the vehicle to the insurance company as is.

What happens if the car is fully insured but the driver is not and the car is hit and totaled?

The person who hit the car, if "at fault" would be responsible. If the person driving your car was the one at fault, then it would be your insurance that would have to cover it.

How old do you have to be to drive a rental car someone else has rented?

The policy for most car rental companies, is that any additional drivers have to be 25 or older. They must sign on to the rental contract at the counter and there is usually an additional driver fee. This fee is sometimes waived for a spouse or a fellow employee if it is a business rental and you have a corporate account with that car rental company.

Can a sixteen year old drive a rental car with a out of state licence?

No, sorry the rental company will not put a 16 year old on as an addtl driver

What are some car rental places in Cancun?

There are a number of car rental places in Cancun. Some of the most popular rental places there are 'Speed Car Rental', 'Prime Car Rental Cancun' and 'Breeze Car Rental'.

How do you get a rental car if your license is suspended?

You can not rent/drive if your lic is suspended. You legally cant DRIVE!

A car with liability insurance only is borrowed and in an accident Car is totaled Whose insurance will cover?

When a car is borrowed (with permission) the insurance of the car owner is primary and the insurance of the driver is secondary. Here, the car owner has no coverage to pay for the damage to his/her own car, so the driver's liability insurance would cover the cost of the car. That is assuming the driver has liability insurance, if the driver doesn't have liability insurance, the car owner is stuck (unless he sues the driver).

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