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Why can't all brain cells reproduce?

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Most of the cells in your body can not reproduce. Only one type of cell in your body can reproduce, stem cells. Depending on where stem cells are, they turn into different types of cells. A stem cell in your muscle will turn into a muscle cell. Stem cells in your liver turn into liver cells. There are some stem cells in your brain. They turn into brain cells. You do your thinking with brain cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated. They can not think. They must turn into specialized cells before they can work.

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Why can't your brain cells reproduce?

A better question you should be asking why can't ALL brain cells reproduce? Try reading up on 'neurogenesis'

Which cells do not reproduce?

Every cell in the body can reproduce, except the blood cells (red and white) which are produced by the bones.

What type of cell rarely reproduces?

All cells reproduce, exceept for nerve and brain cells.

Can all cells reproduce?

No. Most can except some specialized ones such as brain cells, red blood cells and gametes.

What does cells reproduce?

if your asking how cells reproduce they can usually reproduce asexually[all by themselves].

How fast does cells reproduce?

Cells reproduce rate is pretty fast. Depending on where the cells are located they all reproduce at different rates.

Based on the cell theory can you assume that all cells reproduce and why?

No. The cell theory states that all cells arise from existing cells. This does not mean that all cells necessarily reproduce. However, you may infer that all cells contain DNA and have the ability to reproduce.

Do lung cells replicate?

All cells reproduce.

What are facts about human cells?

human cells are eukaryotic. Human cells are constantly regenerating.Cell Count in a human body is anywhere between 50-100 trillion. Anti oxidants help to keep human cells healthy. Cells in the brain and nervous system do not Reproduce. Not all brain cells are neurons.

What did Rudolf Virchow state about cells?

He stated that all cells reproduce.

Based on cell theory can you assume that all cells reproduce?

You cannot assume that all cells reproduce based on the cell theory. However, cells with DNA are generally capable of reproducing.

Does LSD kill brain cells?

All abused drugs will kill your brain cells.

What experiments did Rudolf Virchow do?

he proved that all cells arise from cells this means cells reproduce by cells

How are the cells of all organisms similar?

they all hold DNA and they all reproduce

Which type of cell reproduce by cell division?

All growing cells reproduce by cell division.

What are the 2 things the all the cells can do?

Two things all cells can do is reproduce and metabolize food into energy.

Do brain cells have DNA?

All cells must have DNA.

Are brain cells alive?

all cells are living init

What is one common characteristic of all cells?

They can reproduce, they all can maintain homeostasis

What are facts about about the brain?

Every time you sneeze your brain cells die. Presumably that's some brain cells, not all, or we would all die when we sneezed the first time.

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