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Q: Why can't non UK citizens visit big Ben?
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How much money does it cost to visit the big ben?

Big Ben isn't open to the general public.

How much costs it to visit The Big Ben 1?

It is free to visit Big Ben in London. However, you must be a British Citizen and you must arrange to visit it with you local MP in advance.

Why do people visit the big ben?

It's a tourist attraction!

What are some things tourists can do while in London?

visit big ben

Does the big ben still exists?

Yes, you can still visit it in London.

How many people visit Big Ben every year?


How much is the entrie fee to visit the big ben?

Big Ben isn't open to the public except by special invitation from a Member of Parliament.

How many people visit bigben?

It is not really known how many people visit Big Ben year on year. Suffice to say however, that Big Ben is one of the most visited landmarks in the UK.

Why is there a replica of the big ben?

Big Ben is one of the enduring symbols of England. Replicas of the giant clock are produced to capitalize on tourists that visit London.

Is big ben the most popular place in London?

It isn't possible to visit inside Big Ben as an overseas tourist. British tourists can visit inside Big Ben only on invitation by their own Member of Parliament. Most visitors to London will want to see Big Ben but that can only be done from outside the building. The most popular paid for tourist attraction in London is the London Eye which is located adjacent to Big Ben.

Why is the big ben famous?

Because lot's of people visit it all year . :)(:

Why would you like to visit the big ben?

because its a top tourist attraction

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