Why can't nuns sing in the abbey?

That"s a new one on me. There have been all kinds of Musical talents nurtured by and for nuns. There are surely vocal choirs of sisters- I heared a tape recording of one playing at a funeral for a departed Dominican sister some years ago. Nuns headed up the Music department ina good many church schools up to and including organ instructions. It is possible some individual cathedral or as you say Abbey might have such a prohibitory policy but I am not aware of this. The Singing Nun, Soeur Sourire- literally sister smile- or smiling sister, is a historical character who sadly left the convent before taking final vows. I do not know of what Abbey you speak of? There were and are Abesses, yes female equivalent of Abbot (not the comedian) who were supervisors of an abbey. In some European communities ( or congregations, orders, they went beyond the Mother-superior role and were almost s female Bishop having wide jurisdiction, and elaborate Princely costumes . There were literally Pri cess-Abbesses in Austria and these ladies were of the nobility. They used the Bisop"s Crozier as a badge of office. Hook Up! I do not know where you get this anti-musical angle on the nuns.