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i dnt know

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2014-03-05 14:50:20
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Q: Why can't you marry Chinese people?
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How do you marry animal crossing lets go to the city?

you cant actually marry. some people marry other people that come to their town but you cant actually marry

Do many Chinese people marry black people?

no,not many.because a majority of Chinese people have no chance to contact with black people ,say nothing of marry black people.that's not to say Chinese people don't marry black people. a classmate of mine married a black people and they had a lovely baby a few months ago.

Will you marry me in Chinese?

will you marry me

What do Chinese people have that NZ don't?

Mandarin Language. The Chinese can speak this language. People in new zealand cant

Do Chinese people pay the groom to marry their daughter?

Some do. some do not. It depends.

Can Chinese people marry Mexican?

i think they can just likeAustralianscan marryChinesepeople or who ever they want

Why cant Chinese people not have more than 2 kids?

theylle get killed

Why cant Chinese people say the letter L?

because there not American. -------- Chinese people can pronounce the letter 'L'. It is the Japanese language that does not have the 'L' sound.

Can you get married to an animal on animal crossing lets go to the city?

yes but you cant marry an animal. you can pretend to marry other people

Can pets marry on Neopets?

no you cant marry on neopets

Is it true that people who speak mandarin Chinese cannot understad people who speak cantonese Chinese?

You cant be sure. ;') Cause some people could and some people may not be able to.

Can Chinese marry with Muslim?

Certainly. There are many Chinese Muslims.

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