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Instead of pressing v4, press others.


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You go on to tamatown and type in your username that you have on your tamagotchi

No. Version 5 only connects with other Version 5s and Version 5.5s.

Sorry, no. Each version can only connect with one of the same version. So a V6 can only connect to another V6, and a V3 can only connect to another V3.

Sadly, no. But V5 can connect with V6 (music star.)

As far as I know, you CAN'T connect a V4.5 Tamagotchi with a V5 Tamagotchi. That is because of the number of Tamagotchi's displayed- Since the V5 usually has 3 Tamas displayed, and all the Versions before the V5 have only one tamagotchi displayed, the cannot connect. BUT, a V5 can connect with a V5, V5.5 and a V6! The V4 can connect with all the previous versions, including the V4.5. Hope I helped! BTW (by the way) I'm sorry but there is no 5.5, and v6 can only connect with V. 5 heh........ don't you just press 'others' when u connect

All Tamagotchi toy versions can connect, unless they don't have the read infa-red technology bar on the top.

There Arnt Any, Only Version 3 Upwards Can Have Passwords! You May Have Codes For The Shop But I Cant Remember If Version 1 Has One. Sorrry

A child on Version 3 will go to sleep at 8:00pm

Hey! V3 tamas cant get jobs! Getting jobs are on v4 tamagotchis!=] Hope I helped!!.-o-Missrandomc-o-. =]

all tamas can get married of course!

Because it is an angel, and sadly it has died, you will need to reset your tamagotchi so sorry :(

Yes and No, they can connect IF the v5 does not have 2-3 characters. Otherwise, you could try for a million years and still not get them to connect. But, as I said, if the v5 has 1 tama you can connect.

You get 3 babies. 1 baby on every other version.

If you connect with another tamagotchi of the opposite gender and use the love potion or connect enough times abd you get married, you get twins and the 1st twin stays with you and the 2nd with your spouse. This does not work with the matchmaker.

It is for when you go on TamaTown. Type in your user name then type in the password shown on your tamagotchi toy. Keep your tamagotchi on that page while you are on TamaTown then when you logout of TamaTown simply use the 3 buttons to press in your tama toy. If you have items got to password on your tamagotchi game option then press it in using the 3 buttons.

Your tamagotchi has to be at least 72 hours old as an adult. (three days) then the matchmaker comes at times of 3:00, 7:00 and 10:30 am (7 and 3 pm)

Version or Generation? To check version, with is what actual tamagotchi you have go to google images and type "tamagotchi v(3, 4, 4.5, 5, 6 Etc) To check what generation, which is how many generations of tamababies you have go to the first category (the little scale) and click until you see the page that says "GEN." it will say 1G, 2G, and so on.

You can't because of 3 characters, it cannot connect with versons 4.5 and less-they only have 1 character to care for. You can only connect with V5

No! On version v3 you can get married by the age of 5 or 6 depending on how well you take care of it!

You cant make the matchmaker come at any time , it will come randomly when your tama is an adult

you really cant make your tamagotchi becaome an adult. You gone have to wait. Usually it take about 2 or 3 days for it to transform. For v4.5 or v4 or v3 its probably not going to take so long but v5 it take 2 or 3 days.

1. I am not sure if version 5 tamas can bond, but if they can when they are adults the matchmaker will come after 2 days of being a adult. 2. If this does not work go on the dating channel after 2 days of being a adult 3. If neither of these work try and connect using marry

In the Nintendo ds version you cant kill your Sim.

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