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There could be several reasons. If you are young it's possible that maybe you aren't quite 'developed' yet. Are you using the super absorbency ones? Im in my late 20's and those hurt me. Read the box, it has info on tss that you may learn something from.

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Chances are you're tense - if you're tense vaginal muscles tense, the vaginal canal is basically a muscular tube so this translates to your vagina tightening aka narrowing so making it more difficult to insert anything. If it's getting to the point where it hurts then obviously you're trying to force it, the more you force things the less relaxed you are and the more you're going to be hurting yourself: stop. You also need to make sure that you use the lowest absorbency for your flow, always use the lowest absorbency that you can and ideally use cotton tampons instead of rayon tampons.

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