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It is possible. Try holding a Friend Bow when you beat it to increase the chances of it joining.

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Q: Why can't Mewtwo join your team when you beat him?
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How do you beat Cyrus in the team Galatic HQ?

Use Mewtwo

How do you beat my friends team - his team is Charizard Zoarark Greninja Pidgeot Darkrai and Mewtwo?

Btw his Charizard has Charizardite Y and his Mewtwo has Mewtonite Y.

What do you think of my Pokemon Blue team Mew Mewtwo Charizard Moltres Articuno Zapdos Or mew Mewtwo Charizard Snorlax Dragonite Aerodactyl or kabutops?

You cant have all in the same team. Just mewtwo is good.

Is there any team which can beat marrilands team?

With his same team but with better moves like skarmory drill peck steel wing roost and toxic or my team mewtwo,charizard,frosslass,lucario,garchomp, and snorlax which completely counters his team You cant have legendarys in youtr team

What happens after you beat Mewtwo in Pokemon Red Rescue Team?

you win a MASTER BALL!

Can Pokemon at the maquheta dojo join your team?

no you cant because they are hired to be in the makuhita dojo and therefore cannot join your team

How do you do you get mewtwo as a starter in mystery dungeon red rescue team?

You cant, I dont think you can even do that with AR.

What is the easiest way to beat mewtwo in red rescue team?

Lower his defence and accuracy and hit him hard!

How can you join team rocket on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cant and why would you want to be with them?

How do you get Palkia to join your team in explorers of time?

Defeat him at spacial rift then go back there and beat him a second time he will join your team probably.

Do you get a mew and Mewtwo if you join team rocket?

no you don't team rocket only gets one Pokemon from the boss and its not rare the boss keeps the rare ones

Why cant i get Rayquaza to join my team Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

Sometimes it just takes a while. Groudon won't join me.

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