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Why can't a 13-year-old or 14-year-old get a job?

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Normally, most places won't hire a 13 or 14 year old, because they cannot drive, and when they miss work, they will most likely say they didn't have a ride. Also, most people of that age still aren't responsible enough for a job. -----Ok, first of all, yes its true we can't drive yet......but SOME of us are more responsible then others. Have you ever thought that if a 13-year-old or 14-year-old who is looking for a job is eager to work and earn the money they spent instead of receiving it from parents of guadians of some sort. What ever....this is just my opinion. Half of ADULTS aren't as responsible as some 13-14 year-olds!

2008-03-01 08:28:07
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