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For the same reason that a beach ball can rise high in the water

but can't leave the water.

A balloon is floating in air. If there is no air around it, then it has

nothing to float in.

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Why is the earths atmosphere a problem for astronomers?

its a problem because when astronomers try to do research it has to be a perfectly clear night or else they cant see but if your in space since theres no atmosphere you could research all the time

Why can gamma rays from objects in space not be detected on Earth's surface?

the earths atmosphere absorbs the radiation or reflects it i cant remember which i think it is a combination of both

How do you get the boy with the balloon on poptropica?

You cant because his in the air

Why do balloons pop in the sun?

because when it gets there it like us you cant take the heat and the balloon cant cant take the heat

How do plate tectonics change the earths atmosphere?

IDK D: we are in science and need to know but cant find it anywhere im pretty sure it doesnt effect the worlds atmospher at all :p

Why does a balloon burst when overinflated?

because there isn't enough space for the air inside the balloon, so the balloon stretched so much until it cant any more and it pops

What the consequences of this carbon dioxide blanket settling in the earths atmosphere?

It traps the heat and radiation from the sun, so over time the earth will heat up because it cant get through the carbon dioxide 'blanket'.

Why cant you breathe on Uranus?

It is to cold there and there is no atmosphere

If a plant has no leaves what can't it do?

it cant photosynthesise

Why would heating the gas in a air balloon make the balloon rise?

Hot air rises more quickly than cold air, so when you heat the air inside the balloon, it cant escape, so it pushes the balloon up.

Can you pump up a balloon with backing soudi and vinger?

good ? but no you cant sorry

How do you find the Trickmaster once he leaves?

you cant. once he leaves, he's gone forever.

Why cant scientist drill into the earths core?

because the earths core is too hot. all materal would burn

Why cant all the wavelengths enter the earth's atmosphere?

The atmosphere absorbs the electromagnetic solar radiation.

How do you get the torn picture on counterfeit if you cant get a balloon?

You can get a balloon after u talk to the kid . And the pieces of the torn dragon pic r all over the place. SneakyPanda76 :)

Can Jennette mccurdy answer her phone?

NO SHE CANT! but she leaves messeages

Name different types of leaves venations?

I'm sorry i cant name types of leaves venations :/

How high can a man breathe in the atmosphere?

because you cant there no trees

Why cant you see the surface of venus?

the atmosphere is so thick.

How do you break through the Moon's atmosphere?

you cant break through it

Can you name the gas that exist in the atmosphere that we cant live with out?


How come you cant breath on the moon?

Because it has no atmosphere to keep the air in.

Why do elodea leaves have chloroplast?

Elodea leaves have chloroplasts because the leaves need to change sunlight into sugar, if they didn't have chloroplasts, they cant do that through the process of photosynthesis.

Is a balloon a solid liquid or gas?

it is a solid because its not a liquid for sure and a gas cant hold a gas.

Is balloons filled with helium a chemical change?

A balloon is filled with helium. Athough, it can be a chemical and physical change. For example you can take the helium out of the balloon, but you cant put it back in it now that its already in the air.