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Why can't a car function without gasoline?

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Cars burn gasoline. Gasoline is pumped into the engine's intake, where it is mixed with air, called an air/fuel mixture. After it is mixed, a valve in the engines cylinder head opens and draws the air/fuel mixture into a cylinder. The valve closes and traps the mixture in the cylinder. In the cylinder is piston which moves up and compresses the air/fuel mixture. In the top of the cylinder, in the cylinder head is a spark plug, which ignites the compressed air/fuel mixture. The mixture explodes and forces the piston back down the cylinder. The piston is connected to a shaft, called the crank, which is connected to the car's transmission, which is connected to the car's drive wheels. When the piston is forced down by the exploding air/fuel mixture it forces the crank to turn, which turns the transmission, which turns the wheels. Without the gasoline, there would be nothing make the explosion which drives the car.

Look at the linked page for a more in depth explanation of how an engine works.

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Which of these performs the same function as gasoline in a car?


How Does A Car Work Without Gasoline?

A Car Needs Gasoline To Work, Otherwise It Wouldn't Work At All.

How would you use gasoline in a sentence?

I went to the gas station to get some gasoline for my truck. Without gasoline in the tank, the car wouldn't run.

Can you switch from plus gasoline to regular without causing harm to your car?


Is gasoline kinetic or chemical energy?

gasoline itself cant be any type of energy but when used in a car since it burns it must be heat energy

Do you need a body to leagly drive a car?

welll if you don't hav a body then it's impossible to drive a car but if you can function like a regular person without a body then i suppose no but there is no real law saying people without bodies cant drive cars but its impossible

How do you get a cosigner off of a car title if the car is paid off?

You cant without the cosigners approval.

What is the average cost per kilometer to operate a car including depreciation maintenance gasoline insurance etc?

about 0.15 USD/Km without including gasoline

What is the gasoline powered car?

It is a car powered by an internal combustion engine running on gasoline.

Is gasoline combustion in car a chemical change?

Gasoline combustion in car is a chemical change.

What is a petrol car?

petrol is synonymous to gasoline. so a petrol car is a car that uses gasoline as its source of fuel.

How do you use gasoline in a sentence?

I need gasoline for my car.

A scientist wants to determine the effect of a new type of gasoline. He fills one car with normal gasoline and another identical car with the new gasoline. Which is the control group?

the car with the normal gasoline

What is car gasoline?

Car gasoline is the flammable liquid that is used to keep a numorous amount of things going and running and gasoline is mostly used for cars to keep the car going

Can a dealership sell a car without it being able to pass inspection?

no it cant

What is the function of spark plugs in a car?

To provide an electrical spark to ignite the compressed air/fuel mixture in a gasoline powered engine.

What gas station has gasoline without ethanol in Boise ID?

ulta touch car wash on overland road.

What is the difference between hybrid and regular cars?

A regular car is a car than rans on gasoline. But a hybrid car is a car that rans on gasoline and battery.

Can a car run without the alternator installed?

No a car cannot run without the alternator installed. All the components in a car have their specific function and any missing piece will cause the car not to run.

Did the first car run on gas?

No the First Car used Gasoline to run. Gasoline is a type of fuel

Can you repair a dead cell on a car battery?

You cant without destroying the battery. Manufacturer can.

Can you buy a car in New Mexico without a drivers license?

sure but you cant drive it

What is the function of engine?

To provide energy for a certain, specialized function. In the case of a car engine, to convert chemical energy, in the form of Fuel, such as Gasoline or Diesel, in to Mechanical energy, the force of the moving parts.

If spark plugs have gone will your car still start?

Without a spark vaporized gasoline will not ignite and make the motor run.

What does a car eat?

A Car Eats Petrol or gasoline

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