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It's called incest, and most places they put you in prison for it. And to be honest mate, its just plain creepy.

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Ca you divorce your sister and then marry her?

First you cant marry to your own sister as it is unsocial and also unbiological secondly in many religions there are some restriction in which you cant marry the same women after divorcing her..

Can a Muslim boy marry his own sister?

No, definitely not

Did tut marry his own sister?

His half-sister to be more precise. She was Queen Ankhasenamon.

Can you marry your second cousin in new york?

Of course! You just cannot marry your own brother or sister!

Why did Adolf Hitler marry his own sister?

He didn't have a sister. He was a single child. He had a wife called Eva though

Will christian marry their own sister at this generation?

I should hope that no one would.

How i can get marry with shahid Kapoor?

We cant dear I also want to marry him but its simply impossible.

Can you marry your Godsister?

She really isn't related to you as a sister at all. Your parents were made Godparents to he by her own parents so you are free to date her or marry her as she is not biologically related to you.

Can a Tamil girl marry a kannada guy?

There are some communities where to marry, your religion matters. For example if a Muslim guy although can not marry to a Christian girl according to their religion, but he marries over-crossing his religion, its his own problem. Now here is question of Tamil girl to marry a Kannada guy.............. if their religion don't allow then even she can marry to a Kannada guy over crossing her religion. Which if it is done after love ,wont be a wrong decision. for details visit at

Does the Muslim faith allow a man to marry his own sister?

Muslim men are not allowed to marry their sisters or any other close female relatives (according to the rules of Islam).

Can a non mennonite marry a mennonite guy?

That depends on how set the Mennonite guy is on marrying within his own faith. Most would choose to marry someone who is also a Mennonite, so that their children would be raised in the faith as well.

Is yuuki ever love zero?

Yuuki does love Zero but she has to marry her brother Kuran Kaname since purebloods can marry their own sister or brother-the same thing happened with her parents and she will marry sadly Kuran Kaname but she does love him.

Can you marry a sister?

Marrying your own sister is illegal in most countries. Marrying a sister (nun) is generally against religious principles, but may be allowed if the nun left the church; famous example: Sound of Music. Yes in Mexico you Can

What is the spanish word when two brothers marry two sisters?

If a brother marries his own sister, the word in English is Incest and in Spanish is Incesto

Did Mother Teresa have any children and what are their names?

Mother Teresa was a sister and, as such, could not marry or have children of her own.

How do you show a guy you love him?

just flirt with him... or if you cant... get him on his own and just tell him... if he likes you back YAY if not BZZZT move on

Who was the Indian king who get married with her own sister?

Raja Dahir Singh of SINDH who get married to her own sister maaeen singh her real own sister

What is the difference between the sentences you are like my own sister and you are equivalent to my own sister?

"You are like my own sister" means that I have a sister and that the person I'm addressing has similar qualities or characteristics like my own sister."You are equivalent to my own sister" means that Iam so close to you, such that my relation with the person I'm addressing is so strong that I can even put her on equal par of being a sister. (I don't necessarily need to have a real sister)

What do you do if the guy you love is dating your sister?

Well, determine if this guy is worth it. If not just move forward and get someone else, even though this is really hard. Ask him a few questions about his relationship to your sister, like what do you see in my sister, or how much do you love my sister (Ask your own questions and think about what your asking). Don't make him suspicious. Or do the following vice-versa with your sister by asking questions about the relationship. Good luck with whatever you choose!

Do you have to marry your own religion?

The answer is no.

If a guy calls a girl sister does that mean he sees you as his own sister?

No. It just means he sees you as a person who understands him, who relates to what he is talking about. This term basically started in the 60's in reference to people who are of like mind.

How do you you lick your own but?

you cant

Why can you not marry Zac Efron?

because he has his own choice and he SHOULD MARRY SOMEONE HE LOVES

Why did people in ancient Egypt marry their siblings?

Yes especially when inheritance was involved. Although it was a male that iherited it followed the female line. The eldest son of the eldest daughter. In other words it was nephews that inherited rather than sons. So if you were a man and you wanted a future son to inherit your property you had to marry you sister and have a son by her. So you son was not just your son but also nephew It was quite common for the Pharaoh to marry his sister and I am my own grandpa!

How do you make a guy mad about you?

you flirt with them then you tease them also you avoid them ----------- There really is no garauntee that anything you try will work. Men also have mind of their own (sure they don't use it much) but we do and you cant just force a guy into liking you.