Why can't a judge be disturbed at lunch?

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because he is important and needs his break
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What do judges do?

Interpret laws and issue orders . \nJudges interpret laws and issue orders for the enforcement of laws. \n. \nIn criminal courts, judges watch over trials to make sure that the lawyers follow the rules, and in many cases, judges decide how long somoeone goes to jail. Judges also make orders to ( Full Answer )

What is a judge?

The judge, or magistrate, is a person, elected or appointed, who isknowledgeable in the law, and whose function is to objectivelyadminister the legal proceedings and offer a final decision todispose of a case.

What does a judge do?

a judge: is in charge of court proceedings, ensures the trial procedures are fair, and explains and interprets the law

Where can I get the song Inside the Fire by Disturbed it must be mp3 I can't use torrents?

you can find the song on Limewire [but first you have to download the program] and double click on the song and wait for it to load. The open up Windows Media Player. Go to sync on windows media player, once the song is loaded just drag it to windows media player[you can do this is the limewire's ( Full Answer )

You can't judge a book by its cover?

You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover: . This saying is generally used regarding other people one may meet throughout their life. Here are reasons for one not to judge a book (person) by their cover:. People who act odd and withdrawn may be shy and awkward. . People who are angry may have be ( Full Answer )

What is lunch?

Lunch is the 2nd meal of the day for Americans. Most Americans eat lunch between 11 am and 1pm. It is usually a light meal.

Why can't a judge be disturbed at dinner?

Overall this is because no one person should be disturbed during their dinner, This is in play for judges especially cause they do so much to keep crime off the streets they deserve their own times to wind down

What do you do for lunch?

A lunchtime people break from their activities at school or work and take time to eat.

Why did disturbed name their band disturbed?

At the time they started there band he was going through a tough time so they thought that the name "disturbed" was a good name that david made up . i am a big fan of there work

How do you be judge?

Generally, a judge is an elected official. To be a judge, one must campaign for the office and be elected.\n. \nThe primary qualification for being a judge is that one first be a well-respected, accomplished lawyer in the community where he or she seeks to be a judge.\n. \nNot all judges are elec ( Full Answer )

What happens to a supreme court judge after they get in an accident and can't work for some time?

Unless the justice was permanently brain damaged, the Supreme Court would proceed hearing cases with eight justices until the injured justice was well enough to return or resigned/retired due to disability. According to Article III of the Constitution, US Supreme Court justices are granted a lifetim ( Full Answer )

When is lunch?

A lunch break usually begins between noon and two pm, or around the middle of the day.

My husband keeps calling me a liar about everything says I can't be trusted I am so tired and confused He does not trust me at all I once did not tell him I went shopping at lunch What did I do?

Sweety, you need to let him know that he can't treat you like that. Because honestly there is nothing you have done to lead him on to thinking that you'r a liar. Does he separate you from your family??? If he does that, that means that he is a control freak. No offense, its only a term. You have not ( Full Answer )

Why can't students use cell phones in study hall and lunch periods?

Study halls are not called Talking halls nor texting halls. You are suppose to use the time to work and if you were using your phone that wouldn't be happening. Lunch should be used to eat and talk to your friends. Phones are a distraction at school.

Is it right to judge child molesters an EX friend of mine doesn't believe it is her right to judge them i say it is everyone's right to do so and anyone who can't is sick in the head?

Anyone who violates any children SHOULD have the title of pedaphile. If your ex friend thinks that violating a child is ok, then maybe he/she is one as well. The people who violate helpless children are serious head cases. My heart goes out to all of those who have or are still being abused by these ( Full Answer )

What is can't judge a powder?

Its a thing that you do in science olypiad where u take a powder and try to figure out what kind of powder it is

Why can't people show their sexuality freely without worrying about being judged?

When you quit worrying about what other people think of you, you can. There are only two people in anyone's life that we have to worry about what they think. Our boss and our partner. Everyone else can climb a rope. What control or power does anyone else really have over us? It may be nice to have t ( Full Answer )

What are the disturbances on the sun?

Prominances these are loops , Solar Flares these are matter ejections from the sun, and sunspots these are the darker cooler places on its surface

What is emotional disturbances?

An emotional disturbance is caused by a traumatic event, memory or experience. A person can have an emotional disturbance from a close family member passing away. Or, an argument with a loved one. The disturbance would show itself in the form of sadness, depression, crying or over eating sometimes.

What to have for lunch?

Usually people have sandwiches for their lunch. I would have a healthy lunch. And have dessert like a brownie or something. Here is an idea what to have for lunch: A sandwich, (You pick what kind.) A juice box,(Whatever flavor you like.) an apple, and dessert (Whatever is good for you to have for de ( Full Answer )

How can you be judged?

Different religions, and different denominations within religions, will each have different ways that they believe you will be judged, and different perspectives on judgment.

What are the consequences of leaving the state when the judge says you can't?

First, you become a fugitive. Second, you are in contempt of court for failing to follow the judge's orders. Third, if caught your conditions of release may be revoked and you may be incarcerated until the conclusion of your case. Most judges will permit leaving the state for valid reasons with assu ( Full Answer )

What does 'You can't judge a book by it's cover' mean?

One thought: Book covers are made to sell books, so, though they may reveal something about the contents of the book, you can't judge how GOOD a book will be by it's cover. This works for many things in life, including people. A person's true heart condition is not always obvious by how they dress ( Full Answer )

Did you have lunch?

Some people eat lunch and others do not. It all depends on how hungry you are, where you live in the world, and your financial status.

Why can't the disciples of Jesus judge people?

I don't know what kind of judgment you are asking about. The Bible teaches that only God can judge according to the truth: Rom 2:2 But we know that the judgment of God is according to truthagainst those who practice such things.

Why do you judge?

Judgement is a sort of strange term because passing judgment onsomeone can mean alot of different things in different contexts butI'm going to assume that you mean the judgement of someone on apersonal level, for example looking at someone and liking ordisliking them based on their attire. Judgement ( Full Answer )

Why can't a Muslim pray - 1 when he gets out of bed 2 before he leaves for work 3 after lunch 4 when he gets home from work and 5 just before bedtime?

In fact, the whole life of a true Muslim is spent in praying if helives according to the teachings of Islam, obeys the commands ofAlmighty Allah and unconditionally and sincerely follows the HolyProphet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Obligatory prayers the Muslims mustoffer are forbidden only during three t ( Full Answer )

During the two weeks of a trial for murder the judge and several policemen who worked on the case all have lunch daily with the jury?

This would never be allowed. It is considered a conflict ofinterest, and would give an unfair advantage to either theprosecution or defense, which is not allowed by law. If something like this were to ever happen, a mistrial would bedeclared, and the judge, along with the police officers, may beloo ( Full Answer )