Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy

Why can't a pregnant woman drink alcohol?

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The alcohol will pass through to the baby, which can cause premature delivery, birth defects, or even a miscarriage. Alcohol can damage the brain cells and limit the flow of oxygen to developing tissues. This scares me that you would not know this answer. FAS (Fetal alcohol syndrome) is very harmful to your baby. It can cause mental retardation and may other health problems that effect the child for life. Drinking small amounts of alcohol once a month or very infrequently is okay. But, to be completely safe, and keep your baby safe, I would obstain from all alcohol dring pregnancy.

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Why cant pregnant woman drink orange juice?

pregnant women can not drink orange juice because it is very acidic and the system cant take it.

If you drink alcohol can you tell if you are pregante?

No you cant tell if your pregante if you drink alcohol . But you can tell if you drink alcohol if you pregnant. Apparently about 10 minutes after taking alcohol you start to suffer terrible cramp. This is sopost to be the fetus reacting with the alcohol in the womb.

Are Muslims allowed to drink Alcohol drinks?

No for Islam your not allowed to drink alcohol because i the quran it says you cant drink in Allah's name its harm

Can you drink alcohol in car in Italy?

No you cant because of the strict laws of drink driving

Why cant you drink alcohol after a anaesthetic?

you then will be parlyzed from the neck down

Why cant pregnant woman eat Cheetos?

There is no reason why she can not.

Why do you get drunck by alcohol?

well you see there is poison in alcohol that's why children are not aloud to drink to much alcohol. adults can but they cant drink to much because they might die

Can an unmarried pregnant woman move out of Pennsylvania?

Yesh. But She Cant Go By Plane. Pregnant Women Cant Go On Planes.

What are the dangers of alcohol?

Alcohol can make you do lots of things but when the drink has worn off you cant remember what you have done.

Can you drink alcohol while taking propranolol?

no you cant drink alcohol while on the propranolol pill, it will mess up your blood pressure and the rthym of your heart.

Can Asians drink alcohol?

Yeah they can but because their body mass is less than the European they cant drink as much

Why cant you drink alcohol with metronidazole?

because metronidazole inhibits the metabolism of alcohol. This reaction causes many of the side effects associated with alcohol.

Can you drink and drive in Texas?

no. you cant drink and drive anywhere. i guess you can though, as long as your alcohol level is under .8 but that's like 3 drops of alcohol.

Can a person drink alcohol on parole?

yes. as long as you don't have a specific court order sating that you cant. alcohol is not illegal.

Will a small drop of sperm get a woman pregnant?

no,it takes a large amount,and you cant get pregnant your first time

Can a guinea pig drink as much alcohol as humans?

NO WAY!!!! they cant have any alchahol

Can a pregnant woman explode?

No. She cant. Most of her size comes from water weight.

Can you wash you pregnant dog on Nintendogs?

No they cant do anything but eat and drink until they have the puppy

What happens when you drink alcohol and you cant stop throughing up?

stop drinking firstly, secondly, continuing vomiting is healthy if you are in a very bad way, as alcohol poisons, this removes alcohol.

Why cant you get pregnant with a girl?

cos when a man loves a woman he injects his sperm into her hence babies

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