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Why can't cows and sheep graze together?

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They can, actually. Sheep and cattle on one pasture can disrupt the parasite cycle, and plants that the cows won't eat will be readily eaten by sheep and even goatst.

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How do you use the word graze in a sentence?

Cows and sheep graze in the pasture.

What are two animals that graze?

cows sheep goats antelopes deers that's more than two... :D

Do cows graze with other animals?

Yes. the cows at my home do, they graze with the llamas at my house

What are the animals that help scatter seeds?

birds, insects, graze animals...e.g cows sheep chickens o.m.g i am right.

Can you use Graze in a sentence?

The cows graze in the grassy field.

What do cows do after they graze?

What cows normally do- walk around.

Do cows live with other animals?

yes, they have been known to live and graze with sheep, horses, deer, elk and probably others that we know not of.

How does a cow graze?

cows dont graze themselvs what are you all stupid

Why did people believe sheep ruined the land for cattle?

Sheep tend to graze grass to the earth, unlike cows. In the Old West, grazing management practices were not like they are today: sheep and cattle were allowed to eat wherever they pleased, and would often be let to graze a particular area until there was literally no grass left.

It is known that 40 cows can graze on a pasture for 40 days before the grass is exhausted but 30 cows can graze there as long as 60 days How many would the pasture last if 20 Cows were to graze on it?

Around 80 days

Another word for Grays sounding but spelled different?

graze as in cows graze in the pasture

How many sheep are in a herd of cows?

None. There are no sheep in a herd of cows.

Do cows eat sheep?

No, cows eat grass. This is sometimes a problem, because sheep also eat grass - but the sheep eat the grass all the way down to the ground, which can kill the grass. That means that next week, there won't BE any grass, so the cows who come into this pasture next week can starve. In fact, this was one of the points of contention between cattle farmers and sheep farmers in the "Old West"; cows could continue to graze in the same pasture week after week, but sheep would kill the pasture grass.

Where can you find the liberty cap mushroom?

in early September to end of october on a Dewey morning in a field or meadow where sheep or cows graze and there is plenty of poo as it has fertiziled the land

Do horses live happily with goats and cows and sheep?

Yes they are all happy together.

What is the symbiotic relationship between sheep and cows?

Sheep and cows don't have a symbiotic relationship.

Where do cows graze?

Pastures, fields anywhere there is grass

Where do cows live in Switzerland?

Cows in Switzerland graze in pastures There are many lush valleys that make excellent graze for cattle. Switzerland is well suited to cattle production.

Are sheep smarter than cows?

No cows are smarter than sheep because the cow can memorise a cows face for 16 years but sheep can only remember for 5

What other animals can pasture with cows?

Sheep, goats, and horses. This provided cows are already familiar with these animals, and the number of horses are not equal to or more than the number of cows (or goats or sheep). Horses are extremely piggish and selfish when it comes to even grazing, and will harass any non-horse animal so that they get more feed for themselves. Having enough room to graze (and enough feed) would be enough to mitigate this problem.

Are goats grazing animals?

No. Goats are actually browsing animals, they prefer to browse trees, shrubs and forbs than to graze like cows or sheep.

How many beef cows can graze an Acer in Michigan?


Can horses live happely wth goat cows and sheep?

Yes they live very happily together.

Could octopuses and cows mate?

No ... cows can't survive underwater, and the octopus can't graze on land ...

How manyguts do cows have?

cows have four stomachs, as do sheep and goats