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Why can't horses vomit?


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The muscle that acts like a one-way valve where the esophagus connects to the stomach actually does its job, unlike in humans where it can let food travel the opposite direction, back to the mouth. Another reason that horses can not vomit is because the esophagus is connected to the stomach at an angle where it is forced shut when the horses stomach bloats. This can cause colic when the horses stomach bloats, and untreated, the stomach will rupture and the horse will die.


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they have a traciectomie esophagus, meaning they can't vomit, so you have to careful what you feed them because they cant vomit is back up and to get it out of their system it has to go through.

They cant throw up (vomit) but i dont know if there are any other animals that cant throw up either :)

simple answer.. no they cant vomit the angle of the horses esophagus does not allow food to return up.

strange fact is that horses cannot vomit.

Horses and Rats I only know 1, a horse. That's why its very serious when a they become ill.

horses can't actually vomit. this is why they get colic.

Horses RARELY vomit, but it does happen on occasion. It usually indicates a ruptured stomach.

There is no answer to this, as it's physically impossible for horses to vomit.

its not that they cant throw up it that they are highly unlikly to. Both horses and rabbits have an extremly strong valve in between there stomache and there esophagus, overpowering that valve to make food come out of the stomache is nearly impossible ( this is why colic is such a big problem for horses). apparently there have been documented cases of horses and rabbits vomiting, often though if a horse manages to vomit it also dies soon. the most likely scenario it that the horses stomache will rupture before the horse acctually vomits. if you horse does vomit you should get a vet to it as soon as possible. thank you for reading my expanation.

Horses cannot vomit. If the intestinal tract is somehow obstructed the back pressure will let stomach contents come out through the nasal passages.

Horses cant vomit that's why it can be fatal it can twist there guts. And that's when they can't function corretly and then they die.

I have no idea why you care, but vomit cant be any colour but pink and purple.

many can things like horses and zebras cant because they have a sort of 1 way system which means it can only go out of their bottoms and not their mouths.

rats are the only animal that cant throw up. this is why rat poison works so effectively rats horses cannot vomit either.

Horses are, actually, unable to vomit.

They way horses stomachs are, they can never vomit Some people also cannot as there stomach has been moved

Yes. The only two animals that can not vomit are mice and horses.

No, horses cannot vomit, they have a very strong sphincter muscle that will not allow them to vomit. Only in very rare cases can a horse vomit, but those cases are so rare most equine veterinarians never see it occur in their working lifetime.

A most common is colic in horses, because horses are physically unable to vomit, any stomach or digestive problem can be serious with a horse.

I think you mean Colic. Colic is pretty much a stomach ache for horses. But it could be life threatening if left untreated. Horses can't vomit so they get colic.

if you cant vomit that means your feeling bad about what you are going to do i was the same i would try and vomit then the feelings of what was going to happen to my body if you really want to do this try pushing on your stomach till you vomit or put your finger at the back of your throat and wait.

If your horse vomits, it will be a first. Horses don't have the capability to regurgitate their food.

Horses are unable to vomit .They have a ring of muscle at the top of their stomach that closes up to stop food passing upwards.

Horses can't be sick because there is a one way valve in their stomach which shuts when food is being digested, that's why when horses eat something poisonous it can be fatal as they cant sick it up!!Horses can get very sick and ill in many different ways like us humans . But horses can not physically Vomit as to say !AnswerThey can get colic which is like a tummy bug for horses apart from much worse. If you think your horse has colic call the vet a.s.a.p Signs of colic: Kicking at their stomach, Turning their head to look at their stomach and rolling.If they have colic, keep them walking until the vet comes and don't let them roll! If they roll they can get twisted gut and most likely will be put down.This is false. Horses can get sick, there are a lot of things horses can get that make them sick from colic to hoof problems to worms.Horses cant be sick, its true! Its like a one way road, the vomit can only go one way! And yes there is a one way valve!

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