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Believeing things you cannot see requires faith and trust in the source from which it is recieved. Unfortunatley, trust and faith are hard to come by these days.

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How many people do not follow religion?

Most People follow religion, but some just believe ijn what they belive in and do the things they cant and stuff. There is probably fewer who dont though.

Do people in Arizona eat food Americans eat?

Yah they do i cant believe you dont know that

What female sang a song in the 1990s with these lyrics i cant believe its over i cant believe we're through i cant believe its over i dont believe its true?

You may be referring to the song "Rise" by Gabrielle.

Why do people say snow can harm you?

I cant believe u dont know that u idiots :P lol jk

Do giraffes adapt?

I cant believe it myself, but, giraffes dont adapt.

Is Nicki Minaj a fake?

i believe that she is not fake i cant believe nobody and i dont care if shes fake

What is a nick name for people that are born in kansas?

i believe u dont no the a. its asses i believe u dont no the a. its asses i believe u dont no the a. its asses i believe u dont no the a. its asses

How was Helen Keller brave?

she was brave by trying new things maybe things that some people might have had the courage to do. Someone told me once dont let the things you can do interfere with what u cant do

How do you adjust front end estimation and why is it done?

i do not know i cant believe you actually answered this with i dont know! and i cant even delete it! im sorry i dont know the answer either

Do ugly people touch cards?

no they dont , they cant

Do yall even believe in god give me a precent if you think you know?

Okk well i dont know about other people but i DO believe in God i honestly dont see why people wouldnt. I mean you can go to him for everything he dosent lie to you. You CANT lie to him he see's right through you. So i mean yeah you can believe in him or not but i think that everybody should believe in him! HES GREAT!!!!!<3

Does witchcraft exsist?

Everything exsist's if many people believe in it' its like most things" its you either follow this belief or you Dont.

If people supposedly evolved from monkeys then why and how are there so many different races and nationalities?

If, people did evolve from monkeys, (i dont believe that crap), then there must have been different types of monkeys they evolved from. all monkeys cant live in the same place, they have to have certain things, depending where they live.

Why dont people believe in the New Testaments?

Many people believe in the New Testament.

Who said You can close your eyes to things you dont want to see but you cant close your heart to things you dont want to feel?

This quote was said Anonymously.

People believe in ghost?

some people do but some people dont

Who are the french gods and goddesses?

French people are mostly catholic, so they dont have gods or goddesses, but they believe in things such as curses and spells.

How do drone bees sting people?

they cant they dont have a stinger

Is there genetic engineering for cri du chat syndrome?

i cant believe u dont hav the answer!

What hapens if people don't recycle?

if people dont recycle the wrold might end and we cant exsits if we dont recycle

Do people dislike swimming?

yes they dont like swimming if they cant swim it is a logical answer yes they dont like swimming if they cant swim it is a logical answer

Do vampires get perids?

We will never know because they dont exist but i have heard alot of books that say that they cant get pregnant which leads me to believe they dont.

How do people know what god looks like?

because they can dont you get it? because they can dont you get it? edit: People don't know. There are common things which most people believe (e.g. brown hair) but the Bible gives no descriptions on his physical appearance. I believe this is because people would idolize his physical being instead of his spiritual attributes and teachings.

People who dont believe in the Holocaust?

People who do not believe that the holocaust took place are known as 'holocaust deniers.'

Do you judge people by what there job is?

no. you cant judge that either. you dont judge people by their routines.